Blocked Nose? How to Clear it up without Medication

blocked nose

Its the cool Dry Season in Western Africa, the Harmattan breeze is definitely proclaiming  its arrival and people are feeling it evidently with cracked skin, runny noses and dry throats, mine was certainly the worst of all.

Well I am here to talk about blocked nose issue, sometimes you feel you can't breath, and when you try to blow the mucus out nothing comes out and the next solution is going to the chemist store or any store which sells a nasal decongestant e.g. Robb, Aboniki etc. Simple Normal Reaction.

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Here it goes : 
Simply press your tongue against the roof (top) of your mouth, then simultaneously flick your finger against the area between your eyebrows,

What does this do?
This makes the bone in your nose to rock (move) back and forth which loosens up your nasal passage and clear your sinuses (that is the cavity in the bones of the skull or faceconnecting with the nasal cavities) up after about 20 seconds.

Normally it will relieve you of some stress and give you some breathing space, ahhh a breath of fresh air after that event huh?

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