Why Africans need to stop using Firewood

 Cutting of Trees for Firewood

Africa has certainly developed from the times when we trekked miles to get water, from the times when we used hands and feet as farming tools to this point where we are now.

But if most things we use today are from the 21st century then why are our cooking methods from the past.
Certainly firewood is in high demand, for weddings, birthday parties and other big occasions.

Trees are being cut down daily to meet this demand, charcoal production is also another factor that leads to loss of trees.

Before we go straight into the reasons why we should desist from using this form of energy. Let first understand why Africa continues to use firewood

Why Africans Continue to use Firewood 

Africans continue to use firewood for two possible reasons

Because we are stuck to our old ways and refuse technology to stick to the old ways which they trust

Not everyone thinks technology has brought a positive effect in this world. There are improved mechanisms of killing leading to high crime rates, there is social media platforms which has led to loss of physical communication and so many health hazards brought by home appliances.

Because they don't understand the new technology

Not everyone understands the new technology, for instance my mum finds it hard to operate her android phone without my assistance, so it is for other adults who tend to rely on this source of heat because its what they understand better.

Why Africans Should Stop Using Firewood 

Because of Health Complications 

Using firewood as a source of heat for cooking is more hazardous than using the new technology methods health wise. The smoke produced from firewood can cause many health complications.
It causes shortness of breath, Headache, watery eyes,
serious or prolonged cases leads to seizure, fainting and coma

Because of Global Climate 

The amount of trees in the world is diminishing rapidly, The continuous demand for living space and other necessities of the growing human population is causing a rapid decrease of forest life. Loss of trees leads to climatic imbalance. Trees provide shade which helps keep the soil moist. reduction in the number of trees lead to imbalance in the atmospheric temperature making condition for ecology difficult. This causes many animals to shift from their native environment as survival seems difficult and also increasing global warming.

Because of Flood and Erosion

Lack of Trees leads to flood as the soil is made moist by trees and the sun heats on them making try and liable to erosion and floods 

Wildlife Extinction 

Wildlife will definitely cease to exist if more trees are cut down for firewood, plants and animals depend on one another for food and nutrients as animals feeds on plants and on themselves. and the carcass and dropping increase the humus content of the soil leading to more fertility.

Destruction of their environment will cause the animals to disperse to other locations or into human living space which may not be suitable for them.

All said but hey readers Feel free to drop your views  

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