Why you should not walk Barefoot Outside

Walking Barefoot

I used to remember some time ago when I was younger and I would play barefooted and sometimes unlcad in the sand with my friends.  
Nowadays with so much garbage and diseases, we can't call our environment 80% safe. 

Still old habits die hard, some of us (including me) are used to or just walk barefooted outside, may be to grab something or just to feel the sand and its temperature on our feet at the beach.

Walking barefooted is not so much a good idea, even though we are used to doing this in many African and Asian villages. Even to date people still do this, Like in some films I watch in Africa Magic.

So let me heighten your awareness on this, 

Here's why you should walk barefooted 

Blood Sucker 
1. Blood Suckers 

Blood suckers include every insect, worm and animal that can suck your blood, an example is the Leech or as Warri People call it "Chikoko" 

I myself was so scared of them until I came to know that they don't spread diseases or cause pain.
Leeches live in moist areas underground as well as near freshwater, they attach themselves to warm blooded animals that is you and me.

If you are wearing footwear the chances of it getting on you will definitely be reduced, but if are a Warri pikin who likes walking barefooted in water after it rains, then you should be ready to receive this guest. 

2. Germs

They are everywhere, in the air, even on your computer or phone as you read this article. Certainly their survival capabilities are amazing. 

Even if its for a few seconds to grab something outside, a step on the ground will introduce germs into your skin, which will then find their way into your body through openings (like mouth, wounds, nose etc) in your body. 

Wearing footwear will definitely keep your feet protected. 
That's why they were made.

3. Hazards 

A Hazard (not Eden Hazard) is anything that is capable of causing injury. In this case it may be broken glass, snakes, broken bottles, insects, pointy plant parts, sharp stones etc, they are so many things on the ground which can harm your skin and cause you injury.

So before you step out grab a pair of footwear. Better safe than sorry 

That's not all readers, Always say something and remember to Stay Healthy, Stay Wise

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  1. Point proven .. Its time to do away with old habits..