Do Manufacturers Really Care About Our Health


It's a kind of question you would always ask yourself whenever you sip a drink, or take a bit out of that snack. Do producers really care about what Health benefits or Health complications their product would cause you.

I heard a lot about drinking a lot of beverages for an extended period of time, or certain articles like why you should stop eating junk food, Certainly these kinds of foods are in high demand for a reason, but it would still push you to ask does the manufacturer just care about my money and the profit it gives him or the health benefits and other forms of benefits it would give us.

Lets start with the permit me to say ingredients used in the manufacture of certain products

Lets start with tobacco, the worst product on the market, used in producing the deadly cigarette and other forms of diabolical drugs which humans consume without remorse.

Use of tobacco to produce this certain elements which harm rather then help the consumer should be banned but still big organizations like the WHO still tempers justice with mercy and allows lots of innocents to die (when i say innocents i mean those people who don't smoke but inhale the deadly scent as they move by smokers).

Lets talk about the industrial waste coming out of the factories of these companies, all these waste sometimes end up in the sea, rivers and streams which some communities still use as their source of drinking. The Minimata disaster is an example of this, where a local chemical plant was emitting untreated wastewater into the Minimata bay, and when the innocent citizens ate the fish caught and eaten it lead to mercury poisoning.

Don't you ever wonder, don't these cigarette producing companies, like Benson ever care for the psychological, mental, emotional and physical damage their products cause to the consumers or are they just money hungry.  These cigarettes contain quick relieve substances which seem to attract consumers and its then more than an addiction.

I will not talk about drugs like heroin, cocaine, Indian hemp because yes the world has seen its uselessness and bad effects and now fighting to get this drugs out of our system.

It has been proven that alcohol gives no substantial health benefits so I wonder those companies that produce very intoxicating drinks which leave a lot of its consumers in the gutters, staggering and saying all manners of rubbish, don't they see this and act?.

Sprite one of the coca-cola products we drink today is known to contain a lot of sugar, and there are some words said by some people about how it affects your performance in the bedroom. Well, I although I love sprite, I have to say the so much sugar is not so good for our health. So I ask again.

Do Manufacturers Really Care About Our Health?

There is no simple answer to this, still all this drugs and drinks and even snacks are produced when the manufacturers know that their is a hidden defect in them and consumers are left to eat, drink, smoke and dance to the tunes of their decisions.

Well, not all are bad as Coca-cola stated its spent millions in more than 5 years in health research and partnership, certainly warms my heart that the big daddies in the brewing industry do care about me. 

And also to so many aviation companies who seek to better the lives of their consumers continuously. 

But this is still to the audience. Tell me what you think.

Do Manufacturers Really Care About Our Health?

Remember, Stay Healthy, Stay Wise

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