Got Drainage Issues? Here is what you should do!

overflow of water 

The torrential downpour yesterday is just a taste of whats to come this raining season. Still in the first half of the year and just a month into the raining season and yet drainage issues are becoming a problem. 

Yesterday, in the evening I took a stroll through my environment before the rain came down heavily and I was caught up in a shade as I wouldn't go home in the downpour. On my way back after the clouds ran out of water supply, I noticed that the area was already flooded, compounds were overflowing with water, gutters were full and overflowing. The rain didn't even last for hours and this is already the outcome. 

So lets go straight to how we can solve this drainage issues without waiting for the government to take charge. 

Clear Existing Blockages 

As I said earlier the gutters were full and overflowing, actually this may be because of the some sorts of material blocking the flow of water, and water must flow, so instead of flowing in the path provided for it (The gutter), it flows out into the roads. So you can just remove this materials which can be sachet water packages, can water, paper and any other form of materials blocking the flow of water.

Stop pouring and using the gutters as a dumpsite.

This is a very bad habit which I have noticed even around my neighbourhood. Some people use the gutters as a dumpsite, dumping all sorts of things into it from wrappers, soiled food, pouring dirty water into it. Now these stuff constitute to a blockage in the flow of water. If we want so stop swimming in water when the rains come, then we have to do away with this bad habit. 

Create Pathways in your compound

Did I tell you that I saw some compound filled with water, well this is their fault. Give the water a direction to flow by creating pathways. I mean dig a channel straight to the gutter so the water may flow out.

Call on Government

After doing all these, the problem may still persist because some gutter channels are not deep enough, to carry the maximum amount of water. This work is to be done by the Government, so I advise you to call on them to deepen the gutter channels.

I believe this will help, as am already implementing them already.

Stay Healthy, Stay wise    

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