My Gala Experience! Why you should always check expiry date


You have always been told to check the manufacture and expiry dates of items before purchasing them. I also believe you have been told to check for the ones which people mostly forget to check (gala).

Well, I in this post I want to use my experience to place more emphasis on the reason why you must check your gala manufacture and expiry date.

It happened on 20th April, 2016, sometime around 8pm I went to one of my favorite stores to buy gala, and I noticed that the gala was finished, out of familiarity with me the owner of the store sent me a little bit far from his shop to purchase a carton of gala.

I got to this store and bought the gala, I was unable to see the expiry date on the carton (pardon me, you know the situation of electricity in Nigeria at the moment). So I assumed the lady would do the right thing.

I returned back to the store dropped the gala, then I bought and ate one (without checking the expiry date), then later the man met me and told me that the gala I bought had expired and I should return

Note: The gala expired on 17th April, 2016 and I bought it on 20th April 2016.

Now it gets interesting, as I was surprised that the lady would knowingly sell expired items to me.

I went back to her store and told her the gala was expired and would not longer buy it. Here is how it played out.

Ma, the gala you sold to me is expired, I said Shockingly here was her reply

Did you take anyone out of it" She said

Yes, but Ma why will sell expired gala to me in the first place" I asked

That was how I bought it from the market and thats how I sell it She said 

So, when you bought the gala from the market it was expired' I asked 

That was the question that shunned her completely, Now am not asking you to take sides in this, am saying you should learn from my mistake and be alert. Some manufacturers and sellers are just money hungry and will produce and sell anything to get this money. 

The situation above just showed that the Lady did not care about the health of the customers and sold to them something that can harm them healthwise. 

Always check manufacture and expiry date, some sellers can sell to you what expired in 2015 

Stay Healthy, Stay Wise

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