Nigerian Electricity System is Making Mosquitoes Very Happy


Great Nigeria, The Giant of Africa, a great nation with more than 521 languages (which over 9 are now extinct), with its beautiful cultures, beautiful tourist spots, expanse of minerals, intelligent citizens and so much more, yet it still boils to down to many malfunctions like the one itching me now.! Electricity.

Electricity has been Nigeria's problem for more than 17 years now, the Olusegun Obansanjo's administration and Goodluck Jonathan's administration failed to establish uninterrupted power supply which is much needed. We use electricity these days and life without it seems to be a nightmare. 


Malaria is not as threatening as it used maybe because of the awareness and fight against it, but the we still need to protect ourselves. Every night that I go to bed without lights I can't fail to hear the choir made up of mosquitoes singing and dancing around my ear, chasing them away is just a waste of time because they never get tired. 

Fuel prices have gone up, so turning your generator through out the night is a no go area unless you earn a handsome salary, so we that earn less have to listen to the tunes of the mosquitoes and wake in the morning with speed breakers on our skin form the previous night of mosquito bites. 

We are still waiting for the change the government and the proposed generation of 10,000 Mega-Watts of Electricity. The government should see my plight and hasten their plans for development. 

I prefer to hear human choir sing and not mosquito choir! haba. 

Remember Stay Healthy, Stay Wise. 

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