Why Diseases are Easily Spread in Africa than in America

Now this is not a racist post comparing the Americans to Africans. Am just trying to state some points that we Africans should address. Although for the major disease outbreaks like the Ebola Virus Outbreak can't be completely blamed on us, there are things we do, and we bring about a widespread of diseases. 


Houses (The Cluster)

That is what I mean, its like this is many places in Africa. We live in face me I face you houses. Which might have been one of the reasons the Ebola Virus was so rampant... 


Now look at that above... I hope you have already gotten the first point..

Poor Reference to Health Information

Yes I believe we Africans are like that, we only do exercises and visit the doctor when we fall ill.. Some of us, even when we fall ill we wait till the illness escalates to a more serious problem. Unlike the American (although they are undergoing health insurance issues) They are well updated with health information and take regular visits to the Doctors for their medical checkups. 

Modern Medicine 

You wouldn't believe it, but I have seen some adults who refuse to go to Hospitals and refuse any form of treatment from their loved ones, because it comes from Modern medicine. They prefer the old ways of things which they use herbs and other traditional means to cure their ailment. Now, am not saying herbs are incapable of curing and preventing illnesses. All am saying is that sometimes there may be more to that illness than the more he/she trust in herbs and refuses modern medicine, the higher risk of him/her spreading the disease to a large number of people.


Poor Lifestyles 

I will leave you to judge this yourself. You will agree that these slums are numerous in Africa. Now, these slums did not appear overnight.. This came as a result of the poor lifestyles and lack of environmental sanitation and it accumulated for years up till these point and still its continues accumulating.. Tell me wouldn't a disease be easily spread in such an area.

We can change some of these by learning to accept modern medicine, by cleaning our environment, by keeping up to date with health information and improving our lifestyle... 

Stay Healthy, Stay Wise.

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