Why you should not wear Black Clothes in Hot Weather

Made of Black
#Made of Black.
Black is dashing, outstanding, attractive and my favorite colour, although am fair in completion. Black might just be the world's most favorite colour following red.. 

Well, unfortunately you can't wear black on some days due to weather. On a hot sunny day or afternoon it is advisable not to wear a black dress, shirt or cloth or else you would be so sweaty, uncomfortable. The reason for this is Radiation

Radiation is the process by which heat is transferred from a hotter to a cooler place without heating the intervening medium. 

It is through this means that heat from the sun reaches the earth and also when you warm yourself by the fire the heat reaches you through radiation. 

But you may wonder how does this affect Black Clothes

Well according to experiments performed on different surfaces it was discovered that black surfaces absorb and radiate heat more than any other surface. Black surfaces include Black clothes too.

So as you can see from above why its not advisable for you to wear a dark or black coloured cloth on a sunny day or hot afternoon as it will the cloth will absorb the heat from sun making you to feel hot, sweaty and uncomfortable.

So go white, as it will not absorb the heat but reflect the heat from body. 

Stay Healthy, Stay Wise.

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