Why your house needs Trees and a Garden

What is a Garden? A garden is a piece of ground, often near a house, used for growing flowers, fruit, or vegetables. If you don't know what a tree is click here 

When you hear why your house needs trees and a garden, am sure the first thing that pops into you is for decoration. Oh c'mon trees and plants have more important uses.

So without further a due, lets make you plant a tree and create a garden around your house today. Below are the reasons why your house needs trees and a garden.

1. For Decoration

Yes, I said trees and plants have more important uses, but I can't fail to jot down this reason because we humans are attracted to beautiful, colourful  things. So why should you fail to give your house a sparkle with a garden and trees. For the record Nature is the best decorator out there. 

2. For Food and Vitamins

If you live in Nigeria, you would know the importance of planting ugu, bitter leaf and scent leaf in your backyard (its still a garden) With the economic crisis, that little garden of yours will reduce your feeding expenses. The fruits which are results from your beautiful garden will help you as they contain vitamins which are important for the welfare of your body.

3. For Shades for Heat

Global Warming is a issue that affects all, and mostly African Countries, as the temperatures rise and the power outages increase instead of the other way round. Sitting in a swing in the cool breeze under a sweet smelling trees is something you would surely be dying for. 

4. For Wind Breaks

When I was little I used to wonder why many American roads had trees, normally I thought it was for decoration, until I was clarified that it was also for wind breaks, Trees help to reduce the effect of torrent winds. During the raining season, when the wind seems to be angry with us, houses will be blown up and those trees were planted to reduce the speed of the wind, thereby saving more houses and properties from the wrath of mother nature. 

5. Against Global Warming

This post would be incomplete without mentioning this point, deforestation, that is the continuous cutting down of trees is affecting it us negatively and you can do something to stop its adverse effects. 

Here is how it affects us!
Trees breath in carbon dioxide during photosynthesis (They breath just like humans during normal respiration except during photosynthesis i.e taking in carbon dioxide and giving out oxygen). Carbon dioxide lingers in the atmosphere due to Deforestation, as the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere increases, it produces a layer which traps radiation from the sun, this radiation is converted to heat which causes global warming. 

I hope you have seen the reason for trees and a garden as part of your home plan... 

Stay Healthy, Stay Wise


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