Can a Man Really Love and be Faithful to One Woman


This is the question that has been troubling the minds of so many ladies who are afraid  of a break up, well being heartbroken is not something new, but a man staying faithful from the beginning to the end of time is something we would say wow to.

Things have surely changed a lot, but not different from the days of old, when a man could marry more than one wife, at that time this post could not have existed.

Even celebrities who give us some form of inspiration or the other are not helping this matter, as many of them jump from one relationship to the other, and finally when they settle down, it does not last, the next thing you hear is a court case. 

In this post am going to basically give my opinion and you can share yours too. 

Yes, I believe a man can be entirely faithful and loving to one woman, but it depends on what the man is searching for in a woman, as some men are searching for a soulmate, others for a playmate others are just searching for fun. 

It also depends on the man's mindset, some men want to enjoy (if you call it enjoy) their youth before they decide to settle down with one woman, but still the marriage will contain some commotion which may arise from previous relationships or upcoming ones,  some feel that a woman should be respected, rather than playing around with different women, they choose to settle with that one and have the fun they need with her. 

So that is my opinion that the men who desire a soulmate and respect women truly exist and yes a man can be faithful and love one woman.. 

So what do you think, Can a Man really be faithful to One Woman?

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