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Planet Earth. Filled with over 7 billion complicated and intelligent life forms known as human....

I was just going through my biology textbook and doing some research the other day and I saw that there were a lot of things going on in the human body. Scientist have marveled and are still astonished at the so much knowledge we can harness and things we are capable of.

If you watched the 2014 Movie Lucy in which the lady was able to sue her full cerebro capacity i.e use 100% of her brain, you saw what she could do, Although the fact that we use 10% of our brain is a myth we can still dwell on this in another way.

I mean, the lady was able to evolve because her mind was opened and she got to a stage which she could never have been able to.... If you compare that to the way things are now you will notice that not everyone is able to live a happy life or achieve something amazing because their mind are still closed or restricted. 

People will continue to improve every stage of life with word "comfortable" as their motto, and you should know that everyone was meant to have a good, meaningful and happy life. Unfortunately, not us all will have this life, because some of us refuse to dream big and relate only to our environment, therefore we are stagnant in our position. 

Life gives a lot of opportunities, there is a lot to discover, but we can only reach to those opportunities, if we improve our thinking and empower our minds. There are situations in which we can't cross a path, make a decision, or make wrong choices  because our minds and visions are dim.

There are people right now who run a business and do not attach a real value to that business, I mean they don't see that business going global or reaching more and people, they just see a business that would meet their needs, again because their minds and visions are dim. 

The big men of today are results of their excellent work and widespread visions, discoveries, modifications, advancement were ideas of people who chose to think further, people who chose to put their mind in full use, to expand their environment and not be confined to it. 

I have heard some people say that life is unfair, that life favours on and undermines the other. Yes, I know situations may vary but its how you react to your situation that matters. An example in this case is the 6th President of Pennsylvania a.k.a The First American Benjamin Franklin. 

He was one of the seventeen children born to Josiah Franklin, Josiah wanted Ben to attend school with the clergy, but only had enough money to send him to school for two years. He attended Boston Latin School but did not graduate; he continued his education through voracious reading. 

This is just a piece, to show you how his fathers mind was programmed at making sure he got a sound education (when one failed, he took up the other), creating an opportunity for his son's education to continue and not basing it on the fact that life is unfair enough to provide him with finances.

There is a saying that when life gives you lemons you make lemonade (meaning that you use whatever life throws at you to your advantage).
And you cannot react to your situation excellently when you have a weak mind or you look only around your environment. Every human being is capable of doing something big and wonderful, you are not left out. I believe that there are more things to discover: more species, technology, planets, and even diseases and their cures, who discovers this all depends on you.. 

All you have to do is improve your mind by thinking out of your environment, dream big, think wide, stop making choices according to your environs, choose bigger goals.

Like for example I choose to create a blog that would reach to the health needs of millions of Africans, it was a choice I made because I dream big and I don't cower by saying that the dream is too big for me. 
Imagine what you can become if you had this, if you had that, if you were to be somewhere now and start working on getting all those things you need.

Think of it: not all the great men of today had the tools necessary when they developed their visions, still it was them who made cement so that we could build houses for better protection and luxury, it was someone who invented the computer for better formation and gathering of information, it was someone who invented the blender to save our energy from manual grinding. 

Air conditioners, fans, the internet, facebook, makeup, electricity, televisions, cars, phones, streetlights all of these were invented by people who had vision, people who broaden their minds and environment.

Your mind is your greatest discouragement and your biggest inspirator, stop believing in the impossible. 

A wise man once said 
Start by doing whats necessary, then do the possible, then the impossible will become possible

I call it Psychospire: Be your own inspiration (Inspiring yourself, improving your lifestyle by improving your thinking.)

Stay Healthy, Stay Wise

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