You are not Eating Right! Here is How


There is much more to the food we eat than meets the ordinary eye. In fact, there is something as too much or too less food. 

Hold on, am not talking about being obese or being very thin, am talking about taking the food in the required amount. Now, that is something we here in Africa specifically Nigeria don't think of. I say Nigeria because that is where I live and I know the way we react to Food. I myself thought that food meant cooking and eating till your body can take no more.. Then you wake up in the morning do some kind of exercise to keep you fit.. 

Well, this is not how it's suppose to be, many of us do not know that there is such a word like calorie. Some of us know that we need to take fruits and vegetables for the welfare of our system, but we don't know how much is really the right amount to take. 

Calories are how the energy in food is measured. Knowing the amount of calories present in the food we eat can help us to balance the energy we put into our bodies with the energy we use. That’s the key to a healthy weight and a healthy life.

Different nutritious substances contain different required nutrients for body health, and also the African Man who is used to eating eba and soup most of his life would call his meal a balanced diet, although he is ignorant about how many nutrients his meal contain and if it in the right amount. 

A healthy adult diet contains at least 400 grams of fruit and vegetables per day, for you sugar consumption you shouldn't eat more than 30 grams a day, which is roughly seven sugar cubes. If you are trying to make tea under a low budget, sure you have used more than that, but if you drink coke a lot like me that is more sugar to your system because a can of cola contains as much as nine sugar cubes of added sugar. 

Finally, Starchy carbohydrates should make up just over one third of the food you eat, like potatoes and rice.

I am writing article just hoping that it changes the way you see food, for example the bread we buy have descriptions on them describing the nutrients it contains and in what amount, and also the descriptions on other substances like gala, I know that 90% of us have never thought of how important those descriptions are for a healthy weight.

Yes, we neglect this a lot, we eat and live and only source out for this information when we are ill. Don't forget that prevention is better than the cure. Change your view today, staying healthy is easy and very important. 


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