Why you should be worried about STDs


Matters arising as so many harmful diseases can be transmitted through s'ex\ual contact, Venereal diseases are something we should take seriously but we don't, an example is one night stands which show our lack of action towards preventing the spread of such diseases. 

But why should we worry about STDs? Here is why 

They are so easily spread

STDs are so easily spread due to the fact that people either have many se'xu'al partners or do not undergo tests to confirm their partners se'xu'al status before engaging se'xu'ally with them (because they do not want to be accused of not trusting their partners). Not to talk of the fact of s'ex workers who make the spread more easy. Although the use of substances and materials to prevent the spread of such are put in place, some men and women prefer to do without these materials claiming it reduces pleasure. 

According to CDC, HPV is the most common se'xu'ally transmitted infection in the United States and most adults who have had s'ex will at some point get HPV. Just to tell you how easy to spread STDs are.


They are Dangerous and Can Change your life

Some STDs are treatable, some just go away, others change your life forever. HPV a venereal disease which may lead to cancer and genital warts if it does not go away, HPV is one of those diseases which you are left to chance, because not everyone who get the disease gets cancer, but who knows. ... 

Other venereal diseases include Gonorrhea, Syphilis, Hepatitis B, HIV, Chlamydia (which is the most common in UK, although easily curable).

But these diseases have very bad effects when left untreated (sometimes the symptoms may not even show like Chlamydia) 

Chlamydia is left untreated leads to infertility in women and men and also there is a possibility of you being infected with other STDs too. 

Syphilis is fairly easy to treat with antibiotics, if left untreated the infection can cause severe symptoms (e.g. contagious ulcers on the anus, genitals and mouth; then infection of the eyes, ears or brain) and is potentially life-threatening.

The symptoms of hepatitis B start with a short acute infection to which everyone responds differently: a few will develop chronic hepatitis B and others will develop liver severe dysfunction. Note that hepatitis A and C can also be passed on through sexual activity but it remains quite rare.

HIV has no cure at the moment, although early treatment is advised, the cost of treatment is sure to change the way you live your life.

It may destroy your s'exu'al capabilities for life 

There is an ongoing case in South Africa in which HIV positive people will be marked with a HIV + tattoo near their genitals, which will reduce the spread of the disease. In order words, the patients will be unable to have se'xu'al intercourse for life (or until the disease is cured).

Chlamydia is another disease which robs the woman of one of her function which is to bear children and does same to the man.

Gonorrhea and other STDs also make se'xu'al practices a nightmare.

Diseases are now more easily spread than before due to many reasons, but that's not what we are going to settle on now. How you protect yourself and how seriously you take these diseases is what matters.

Stay Healthy, Stay Wise

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