9 Reasons Why Some Nigerian Ladies Gain Weight After Marriage


I know notice that many Nigerian ladies as well as their African counterpart add more weight after marriage. I did my research and concluded that there reasons and factors that causes that. Some which includes;

1. Child Bearing: 

One of the reasons and the most likely reason why so many Nigerian ladies get out of shape after marriage is due to child bearing. By the time they start giving birth to children, the body secretes hormones that causes weight gain and it stores fat in their body and many of these fat can be very difficult to lose especially she had a baby at hand that she gives milk

2. Refusal to Lose that After Baby weight: 

Another reason is that most Nigerian ladies do not mind to exercise to lose the weight they gained during pregnancy, they just live with it, even after the second and third child.

3. Too Much Food: 

Many of these Nigerians ladies do not have a diet plan that helps them keep their shape instead they feed of excess starch foods. Most of them don't even know that food has a certain amount that you need to eat, and more could mean you are eating excess. Some prefer to eat this and that because it is sweet, aromatic and it is what hteand aromatic, and they don't take into account the amount of nutrients they are eating to eat yam, eba, amala, bread, meat pie, snacks all which contains high calories and makes them gain weight.

4. Lack of Exercise: 

Many of Nigerian ladies gain weight after marriage because of lack of exercise. Many ladies after marriage will not want to walk either long or short distance, they will want to drive around using their husband cars or personal cars and many wouldn't want to run or do some cardio exercise to lose weight. These are some of the reasons some of them add weight beyond expectation.

5. Stress: 

Some marriages are not all bliss and as some women could expect, they could get so stressed up, especially those supporting a family and their work as well, These married women lack without the help of health information fall back to what could make them less worried about whats going on around them, which sometimes is eating (aka, Stress Eating)

6. Too much Work: 

This is a more obvious reason, ladies go into marriages and expect a romantic, sweet and forever loving experience, but Hello from the other side, because its not always so, after giving birth to the second and third child, (especially for those who have one form of business or the other), they find it uneasy to cope with taking care of the family, work and themselves all together (much more labourious if the children are young, and dependent on her only).

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8. Late Night Food: 

One of the reasons and factors that causes excess weight gain in women and which makes them lose their shape after marriage is that many of these women/ladies do eat late nights meals. Some ladies do wait for their husbands to return from work at late nights while some will come back late from work or prepare the food late to eat (which may be due to financial strains or psychological laziness), this usually cause slow digestion and in return, it causes weight gain.

9. Birth Control Pills : 

One of the things that causes weight gain for some Nigerian ladies after marriage is frequent consumption of birth control pills. Many our ladies do not know that there's is a tendency for weight gain when they take family planning pills to control frequency of conception and childbirth. Although it may not be so for some people while it makes some gain weight and makes their shape get out of hand.

Being Overweight, fat, obese or whatever you call it is something some men and even women see as unattractive, so how ladies are you wondering how to escape from too much fat due to marriage? You can do it by

1. Exercising: 

This is very important, it helps you keep you shape after you give birth to your baby, thereby you are telling fat good bye, and also exercising can help you with stress...

2. Planning: 

Rather than spending thoughtful night wishing and praying for a good man alone, you yourself should learn how to plan your family yourself, know what you want and how you will manage them. So that you don't see yourself having five children when you couldn't manage the twins you aunt dropped for you to take care of. You can also plan when to cook and when to eat the prevent the late night meals.....

These and many more are what you can do to stay yourself even in marriage, if you need me to shed more light on this (on your own personal issue) then don't hesitate to use click on the Contact Us link at the bottom of this website..

Stay Healthy, Stay Wise

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