Does Too Much Sunlight Makes Me Black?


This is the million dollar question, only a few people have found an answer to, the sun has made tongues waggle for a long time. From speculations that it can straighten bow legs, (known as Rickets caused by a deficiency of Vitamin D, which is also provided by the sun) which is true, then to another speculation that the sun is the reason why your bleaching cream is not working (or not working properly) due to the fact that the Sun's ultraviolet rays is not compatible with chemicals in the cream.

Now, here is another thought that is raging on it our minds, does too much sunlight make me black?, When I was younger, I sometimes played in the field in the hot sun, I did it for like some days straight and I noticed that my skin got brown, so I decided to stay off the sun, for sometime and I noticed it lightened up.

So does it mean the sun affect my complexion? The sun is one of the factors which differentiates skin types and also is the reason why people from the tropics (Africa) have much more darker skin colour than those who olive in colder climates (Europeans). 

So, the answer is yes, get too much sunlight and you will go from brown to dark or fair to brown then dark. But it's just more than making you dark in complexion. The Ultraviolet Rays of the Sun (Sun light) can lead to skin cancer if someone has too much exposure. 

So that gives you more than one reason to stay under a shade.

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