The Secret Revealed! Why Nigerians Cannot Survive Without Health Information


Welcome to Newsphases, this post is meant to change your thinking, improve your mind in any way possible, in this post am going to share with you the seven reasons why you can't survive without health information. Sit back, grab a popcorn and relax this post is lengthy, don't worry you wouldn't be disappointed.

What is Health Information?

In this case health information refers to health news, tips and directives

All this above and many more are health information and this priceless information can make you a lot of things in a matter of weeks. Without further speech here are 7 things health information can do for you.

Makes You a Problem Solver

Right now the world is filled wit problems and the solution is so scarce, people are so overwhelmed, but all we have to do is hold on, and pray the problems don't be the last things we encounter before we live this world, but the solutions themselves.

Health Information can solve every single one of your problems, by simply making you the problem solver (also some of our problems which affect us physically is a result of poor diet, poor eating habits and so much more,

"Health Information could do so much, by not just changing the way you see food, exercise and other functions you wouldn't have to be worried about your physical health when they are so many other problems around."
Other problems may be financial and economical, Health Information consists of the best diet and exercises (e.g. yoga exercises) which make you relaxed, steady and focused, a relaxed mind can think better, a relaxed mind will possess a positive attitude which is important for solving problems.

Newsphases promises to share unlimited Health Information with you everyday, all you have to do is Stay With Us.


Increase Your Youthful Years. 

we all want to live long it is a known fact, to see our grand and great great grand children, (as my mother use to say when she wants to bless us) well Health Information can do just that, with Health Information you will not only be able to see your grand children, but you wouldn't need to use a walking stick for support when walking around with your grand children, or need to use magnifying glasses to see them. That's the magic Health information can do for you. 

Many of the things that makes you get old, weak and tired easily is inactivity, meaning doing nothing. I have seen lot of people who are inactive, they sleep all day if they have the chance, but Health information has a lot to say about your health and the way your life will go if you continue to live like this (it's your life you know).

Ever wondered why normal people like Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, me and many other people look a lot younger even when we are much more older?. That's Health information's magic, you don't have to be rich. (rich people are dying before 100 years aren't they?) you just have to live a life filled with Health information and the gbam you are on your way to young and healthy living.

Health Information like

How to boost your immunity
Health  Tips for a Longer and Enjoyable Life



Makes You Rich 

Who doesn't want to chop some money in this life? You do, don't you? Little did you know that Health information gives you the most carefree way to earn money and get rich. Just think of it, the only way people imagine are the easiest way to get money nowadays is through betting and fraudulent activities. But Health Information can give you so much more and you wouldn't have to hide in the shadows.

Sometimes you have a lot of money and you spend it believing their is so much more and in a matter of time it vanishes into thin air leaving you in square one. Little did you know that Health Information would have multiplied that ten fold for you.

What is one thing all the world billionaires have in common. Mental Stable Health, you can't see a man who is not mentally stable and health conscious making so much money, so what got this billionaires to this prime of stability? Health Information

You want to get rich don't you. or do you want to be Africa's Bill Gates... 

Then stay with Newsphases


Improves Your Academics (No more Second Class Lower)

Being the best in your class or getting the best grades is something many of us scholars wish for, but no sooner we get into the University we begin seeing a Second Class Lower as the most available option. Some of us carry the Spirit of Telemundo, partying and unseriousness to school, which could make those ranting First class Upper to change their minds.

But getting that First Class Upper is not too hard, you have to read they say and be truly serious with your studies, but Health Information says you have to do something more. Most of us doze off, or go blank while reading some subjects, we may then say that we are not cut out for that kind of stuff.

Health Information can help you to digest that textbook for an exam, can improve your grades in a split second, with the right diet and exercise you will be able to focus like a shaolin monk and digest that book. No need for late night reading or isolating yourself against the lures of the social people.


A Healthy Religious Life 

Yes, Health information can touch this aspect of your life, How? 

For Christians out there, we require a high amount of energy to deliver, when we pray during allnight programmes or prayer night programmes we come home and sleep off only to wake up tired the next morning refusing to go to work, or going to work to sleep. Health information can do just that. With Health Information, you would know the right amount of food and exercise that would give you that energy to go that allnight and come back still strong for work tomorrow like nothing happened.

For example, look at athletes who run the 100m and 200m race (eg. Usain Bolt) when these athletes are done with their race, all they do is take a breathe, relax and immediately they are ready to speak in front of a microphone to the viewers. This high amount of energy comes from the knowledge of Health Information which you can harness into you Religious life. 

For Muslims, who are just done with their Ramadan fasting (I noticed one of my guys reduced in weight), a reducing in weight (meaning your body is not getting enough nutrients anymore) might lead to a reduction in immunity, which may lead to you falling prey to malaria and other infections easily. By just stepping up your knowledge in Health Information you wouldn't worry about your weight as you would know how to eat healthy to get your immunity working at optimum.

Say Bye Bye to your Doctor and Pharmacy Literally

Nowadays or so it has been, the Pharmacy is more popular than Doctors, as people choose to diagnosis and prescribe drugs for themselves to save the cost of going to the Doctor. Well, there are known dangers in being the doctor yourself when you are unqualified, But Health Information would not just make you forget about your doctor, but also you would not need to visit that pharmacy anymore.

Of course you would want that, the economy is already bad as it is and we want to save we can, right?

Well here is the simple reply

How many times do you exercise daily?

Why should you exercise.

Do you know the required nutrients and in what amount you should take them (Its not just swallowing ten balls of eba with soup and saying O well am healthy).

These questions and many more can help you say Say Bye Bye to your Doctor and Pharmacy Literally.

Makes You Beautiful and Attractive

Now throw away those creams which promises you the most attractive, spotless skin ever, just thrown them into the trash can and turn to this cheaper, healthier and long lasting solution to your expedition for good looks. You might say cheaper doesn't mean better, but in this case it's just that.

Health Information promises that  spotless, and attractive skin which steps your attractive... talk about walking into a house and making everyone stare. There is more, you will have a complete knowledge of what you are using on your body and how it affects you, unlike these creams which promise heaven and earth and you do not know if there are any adverse effects of long term use, or neither do you know what words are written on the cream as ingredients (e.g. Hydroquinone)

Health Information is more affordable, trusted, safer and healthier when it comes to making you stand out.

So How do you get this health information in full fold, how do you get all this knowledge and make sure you don't miss out in any health tips and can you get a reliable source for this health tips.

All is you have to do is simple. Stay With Newsphases

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Stay Healthy, Stay Wise 

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