4 Reasons Why You Can't Bend Down Easily


If you watched those talent shows, there is always someone with this amazing ability, being so flexible they can do what some of us only do in our dreams or imagination, well we are not going to talk about their awesome flexibility, but about something much more closer to our reach. 

I noticed that when some people bend down to pick something, it is almost a battle, some go as far as saying "it is not easy" when picking it up (Nigerians should be used to that word). When I see this, it tells me a lot about that person healthwise and the numerous occurrence of this scenario has led me to write this article.. 

Here are the 4 Reasons why you can't bend down without signing or groaning

1. Lack of Exercise

You don't exercise and yet you expect yourself to be as flexible as Julia Günthel. One of the main reasons you can't bend down easily is because your hamstring muscles are inflexible, I mean if you don't oil, a rusty machine you don't expect it to perform well.

According to nerdfitness.com it also includes the whole body and if your whole body has weak mobility, then you soon it will be a war bending down as you grow older. 

Exercises can help a lot to improve the mobility of your body, as that's just what it was meant to do, as for those who sit in the office most of the time, (like me) exercises are very important.

2. Lack of Flexibility 

I had to add this for those who claim they do exercise, but still find it difficult, if you are one of them, then you need to add exercising for flexibility to your menu. so rather than just performing exercises consisting of mostly push ups and jogs, adding squats, stretches and other forms of exersies will help 

3. Body Fat

Body fat is a sure was to hold you in your tracks, if you are planning to bend down without groaning then you need to reduce your weight, If you have been trying to lose weight and it seems that you are just increasing instead then you need to read this article

4. Sitting Down For Too Long

For those working in an office, where you barley move around, you have to exercise a lot more often, also you have to take a walk around sometimes instead of sitting down for the whole day. 

Physical Inactivity, while includes prolonged seating leads to various many kinds of diseases, but also it may render all the exercise your do everyday useless, leading in locked joints and inflexible hamstring muscles.

What Should I do?

1. Stop Being Lazy

I perceive the absence of exercise in someone\s life is due to a lazy attitude, also it may be due to ignorance as some people only see exercise as a way to reduce weight and nothing more. But dear readers exercise gives so much more. 
I will soon share tips on why you should exercise apart from the ones you see on the internet, and also how lazy or ignorant folks like you can exercise. 

2. Eat Healthy

Eating three square meals a day in Nigeria is a blessing in the economic situation pestering the country. But still there are some people who eat ten times a day, girls girls girls, my eyes are on you. In Nigeria it is more easy to find a fat/obese lady than you can find a fat/obese man.
I believe Obesity is due to Ignorance, when people are ignorant of the nutritional value of food and how food works to provide energy and the needed requirement in their body, they will eat till their brain tells them they are full.. 

So this is why I ask you to visit Newsphases.com everyday, if not every minute, so that you may gain so much knowledge about your body, health and so much more.

Stay Healthy, Stay Wise

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