4 things you must look out for before buying from a pharmacy.

Pharmacies are not the most popular brands of business today, but the fact that they have somehow replaced Doctors in some countries cannot be overlooked. Here in Nigeria and many other African countries and abroad, the pharmacy is our first bus stop, to purchase drugs after diagnosing the illness ourselves, although this attitude may be a sort of way to economize in this hard times, it may have disastrous consequences.

Pharmacies are not like other kinds of trading business, since you have to be qualified to some point to open a pharmacy, since it deals with drugs that could affect the lives of people, but shockingly there are up to 11 pharmacies in my area, which makes it looks like a foodstuff trading business.

Here are the 4 things you must look out for when patronizing a pharmacy. 


1. The Environment

A pharmacy which is situated near a refuse dump or a sorry site for a store can't sell drugs that will cure your illness, but only worsen your condition. Pharmacies are meant to be clean and presentable, they are supposed to look like a place of comfort (which is what drugs do, bring about comfort). 

If a pharmacy doesn't care about the environment it is in, then it surely doesn't care about you and what its selling to you. 


2. The Organization: 

Now, the environment is clean, (like most pharmacies in my area) next is organization, by that I mean how organized is the store, if the store is badly organized, be sure that they will sell to you panadol for stomach ache. Organization (like in the picture above) is the one the important factors that build a good pharmacy and even a business. Drugs are not biscuits or garri which someone can just store and sell the way he/she likes, instead they are delicate and have be arranged in an order presentable for sale.

If a pharmacy doesn't care about the way it arranged and presents the drugs, then it surely doesn't care about you and what its selling to you.


3. Owner/Staff: 

Okay, when we go to a pharmacy we are not expecting to see a man or woman wearing tattered clothes and selling those life saving substances, and also we are not expecting to see, a lady in white smiling at us unlike the picture up there. (Nigerians understand that) But one thing you should know is, who the owner of the pharmacy is? Is he/she a Doctor? Pharmacist? Nurse? or is he just someone who saw that the pharmacy business is a profitable one and with no knowledge of drugs or whatever he decided to spend some cash to get profit. Not just anyone can run a pharmacy.

I believe you can figure out how to qualify the staff yourself.

If a pharmacy doesn't care about its staff appearance, then it surely doesn't care about you and what its selling to you. 

4. The Drugs: 

Owning a pharmacy is already a ton of work, so setting up the drugs and later counting your profit is expected, but not all businesses bloom quickly, as a customer or buyer you must look at the drugs you buy, if it smells funny or different, if it tastes different, you should notify the pharmacy.

There have been cases where the fake drugs have been confiscated and destroyed, now these drugs would have been sold to pharmacies who would in turn sell them to you. so looking at the manufacture and expiry date is just not enough.

If a pharmacy doesn't care to continuously check the drugs it purchases to certify their uniqueness, then it surely doesn't care about you and what its selling to you. 

Now you know what to look out for. Thank you for allowing Newsphases to enlighten you.

Stay Healthy, Stay Wise.

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