How I Fall Asleep Under One Minute


I decided to make this a post after responding to a question asked by someone on Nigeria's most visited forum Nairaland. There comes a night when we can't just sleep, tossing from left to right and even trying to stop thinking so that we may drift into dreamland, sometimes all efforts prove abortive, sometimes it works, 

Sometimes I feel like that.. and here is how I get about mine..

I create a sleep schedule... I bathe at 10:15pm (the bathing really helps, instead of bathing 2 or 3 hours before bed) I normally sleep around 11pm, 11:15pm if I am busy, but I never get past 11:30pm before going to bed... by continuously keeping to this schedule I wake up comfortable...

Now here are tips from Mayoclinic which I like to share since it also works and its part of what I add to that above

1. Pay attention to what you eat and drink. Don't go to bed either hungry or stuffed.

2. Get comfortable..... 

Create a room that's ideal for sleeping. Often, this means cool, dark (turning of the lights really helps, but if you are afraid of the dark, you can use those dim coloured lights, which consist of either red or green colours) and quiet.
3. Limit daytime naps.... 

daytime naps can interfere with nighttime sleep, so make sure you limit them, sleeping for hours in the day is a sure way to keep you awake almost all night.

4. Go to Sleep When You’re Truly Tired....... 

Struggling to fall sleep just leads to frustration. If you’re not asleep after 20 minutes, get out of bed, go to another room, and do something relaxing, like reading or listening to music until you are tired enough to sleep.

Now if you think all that is not working (It should work)... you can do this

You simply breathe in through your nose for four seconds, hold your breath for seven seconds, and exhale through your mouth for eight seconds.

When you feel stressed or anxious, adrenaline courses through your veins, your heart beats at a rapid rate, and your breathing becomes quick and shallow…. [The] effect of the breathing technique feels almost like a sedative drug, because in order to hold your breath for seven seconds and then to exhale for eight—when your breath is so shallow and short—your body is forced to slow your heart rate. 

It has no choice. Holding your breath, and then slowly, deliberately exhaling for eight seconds, causes a chain reaction. It feels like going from a mad-dash sprint to a finish line to a slow, leisurely, calming stroll through the park.

When you’re stressed out or anxious, like when you’re unable to fall asleep, you’re probably under-breathing. By extending your inhale you force your lungs to take in more oxygen, then by holding the breath you allow that air to flow through your bloodstream. The 4-7-8 breathing exercise slows your heart rate, bringing in more oxygen to your body, which in turn calms your heart and your central nervous system, and thereby your mind.

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Stay Healthy, Stay Wise

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