Is The Water You Drink Really Safe


Many of us drink from public or community water systems and thereby we assume that the water is safe. We assume that the water is treated and safe for us and do not go any further step to check and confirm such purity.
You may be surprised to find that there are contaminants and chemicals found in water in most homes. These unwelcome additives can actually work against your best efforts to stay hydrated and healthy. Here are some scientifically proven facts about what's in the public water system.

More than 20% of untreated water samples from 932 public wells contained at least one contaminant at levels of potential health concern, according to a 2010 study by the Nig Geological Survey.

Well water can be contaminated by fluoride, run-off, pesticides and also it can be contaminated by us while we fetch it. A study showed that 23% of sampled wells had at least one chemical contaminant that exceeded human-health benchmarks.

Much of the existing water infrastructure (underground pipes, treatment plants, and other facilities) was built many years ago. The drinking water systems will need to invest billions of Naira over a 20-year period to ensure clean and safe drinking water.

It is known that consumers who fall under certain special groups, based on health and age, can experience problems associated with the contaminants found in city and well water. Also drinking such contaminated water may be the cause of some health problems we may be facing at the moment.

How Can We Solve This?


Right now, I am not expecting you to wait on the government to provide a 100% safe source of drinking water, but we can do something positive by using water dispensers with a purification system. 

This way we are taking one step further to Stay Healthy, Stay Wise

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