3 Things to Consider Before Buying Roadside Meat


Simply for those who are lost about what roadside meat means in Africa it refers to meat sold by the road side or raw meat sold in market stalls.

In Nigeria which I am sure of, everyone has eaten roadside meat, we buy it almost everyday, but there are somethings we should consider before buying meat from an open place, that is buy the roadside or the market.

Meat is a perishable food that is it is likely to spoil, decay or become unsafe for consuption if not kept refrigerated. Now micro-organisms such as fungi and bacteria lead to decay and spoilage of food, foods like meat, fish and dairy products easily attract these micro-organisms which is why we should be extra careful of where we buy them from, as they can be crawling with germs even before we purchase them.

1. The Environment

In Nigeria the environment which some sellers place their stores to sell this life sustaining substances (food) is appaling, it either it is sold in a congested and dirty environment or close to the gutters. The flies and other insects which are attracted to the meat kept in the open stall are enough to make you rethink buying from that seller.

2. The Seller
It cannot be helped, as some sellers are rather unhygienic, the environment around them and the smell of the store is a public display of how unhygienic they are, but still we choose to consider them and patronize raw meat from them, like I said meat easily attract micro organims which cause spoilage of food and cause stomach problems for you if you eat them, if the store is untidy or unhygienic, then it is surely crawling with such micro-organims and if these perishable foods are present, then be sure you just bought yourself a way to degrade your health.

3. The Equipment

When I say equipment I mean, what the seller uses to cut the meat, i.e. the knives, the wood on which the meat is put on before being cut, questions ranging from how often is the knife washed and where has that wood been when its not being used to cut meat should go through your mind.

I understand that we don't value our health to the extent of having a personal understanding of how nutrients/minerals equip our body with energy and build us, and if the seller doesn't then that wood might have been anywhere and used for anything.

You may be saying that, you have been eating Roadside meat since you were young and up till now you are still eating it and feeling well. I want to ask you, from that time to this time, have you not ever had stomach pain, or some sort of illness that affects your digestion, Yes right? When we eat all this things it tends to accumulate in our bodies for a long time before the symptoms begin to show (Remember that it may take up to 10 years for HIV symptoms to show)

What do you do?

Yes, I can't just chase you away from your favorite store, or chase away your favorite customer and refuse to give a word of advice or an alternative, rather than you leaving your favorite store / customer.

For Buyers
If the seller is untidy or unhygienic, you can simply relate with him/her, and telling her that the perishable food she is selling is susceptible to these micro-organisms, if she remains adamant, you can go to another store, its better safe than sorry.

For Sellers

You can change your environment, make you store look neat and free of micro-organisms, also you can share some health tips from us and your customers will then understand you have their health and best interest at heart.


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