5 Safety Tips You Must follow for Rainy Season

This is a follow up from the first article which talks about 8 things we must do this rainy season to Stay Healthy and strong, while others who refuse to do it come down with cold, catarrh and flu.

These are 5 tips you should follow for your health and safety 

1. Make Sure Your Water is Safe

Water Born Illness are on higher side in rainy season. So you have to be very careful of the kind of water you drink, it would be preferable to Drink Boiled water, make sure of alum to get purified water. Do not drink uncovered water

2. Listen to the News

The flooding cases in Nigeria, and other parts of the World have given us a good reason to listen to the news, so that we wouldn't wake up one morning and find ourselves submerged in water (that is if we wake up at all)

3. Avoid Slippery floors (e.g. tiles) 

This is the rainy season in which there is more moisture in the air, when this gets on floor surfaces it makes it slippery without you pouring water on it.

4. Avoid Playing in the Rain 

We all have to stop this habit of playing in the rain, as it can bring some health problems along with it, it is the quickest way to catch a cold and so much more. This is most common in children but still adults (especially girls) do this, I have seen a Last Day of Exam celebration in which the ladies poured water on themselves and ran after each other in the rain..

5. Driving Safety Tips:

1. Get Adequate rest before embarking on the journey.

2. Check the weather forecast before going for a trip whether its a long or short trip.

3. Check your brakes, tyres and wipers

4. Remember to drive slowly when driving in the rain

5. Do not drive too closely behind another vehicle.

6. Maintain a safe distance between the vehicles in front.

7. Make sure you know how the condition of the road wherever you are going, this is to avoid surprises (like portholes)

7. Trun on the headlights, when it seems to be getting dark (even though its just a little dark)

8. Do not multi task (i.e answering of phone calls, attending to other things while driving)

9. Never drive through floodwater of unknown depth - find a safer route or stay put. The road under water could be washed out.

10. Learn driving skills for certain emergencies such as brake failure, overheating, tyre blowout, fire incidence.

Stay Healthy, Stay Wise

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