8 Things You Must Do During the Rainy Season


The Rainy season leaving cold, winds, water and life in this wake, to the farmers its the best season in the world. To labourers, construction companies, its a hell of a season. Well to me its a wonderful season, and so it should be to you if you know this tips on how to prevent the cold, cough flu, blocked noses and other forms of health problems that comes with the season.

Kids need extra care during this season to stay healthy. The rainy season is prevalent with a host of infections and most seasons are related to respiratory infections, food and water borne diseases that must be taken care of. .

So here are  tips Newsphases.com likes to share for those who wants to Stay Healthy every rainy season.

1. Avoid Getting Wet

The best way to do this is by keeping your umbrella (the big ones) with you always. Also, when the rain starts pouring in, you first look for a shelter and try to save yourself from getting drenched. 

2. Get a Sweater or Two

This is a reason to get a sweater or coverall if you didn't have one, to prevent catching a cold at anytime.

3. Boost Your Immune System.

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4. Take a dip in water after you have got wet in rains.

Yes, when you get wet in rains make sure that you take a bath because this will help in keeping infections away. Dry yourself well and wear clean dry clothes. Have a hot cup of tea (lipton) to help ward off infections too

5. Read Article on how to cure Cold and Catarrh Naturally

Cold and Catarrh is very common in the rainy season, and while others are running to pharmacies spending extra cash to get themselves healthy again, you can just relax and use the things in your kitchen to prepare yourself a simple remedy. 

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6. Read Article on how to Clear Blocked Nose With Your Hands Only

Also another common thing that happens during the rainy season, having a blocked nose is very frustrating, and uncomfortable, all you simply have to do is forget those nasal decongestants and use your hands and mind. 

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7. Always keep yourself and your surroundings clean.

Make sure that you wash your hands on a regular basis and use a sanitizer.Make sure that you maintain cleanliness throughout the house.

8. Drink lots of water 

Drinks lots of water as this will help remove the toxins from your body and eat healthy and nutritious and home cooked food in the rainy season.

Enjoy the rainy season, it will be October soon..

Stay Healthy, Stay Wise

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