Boy Born With Head Upside Down Cured


It was a moment of grand celebration, as what we could regard a life changing event took place in India a boy born with an upside down head has been cured thanks to kind-hearted stranger who raised thousands of pounds to fund a life-changing surgery. 

Mahendra Ahirwar, 13, from Madhya Pradesh in Central India, suffered from a rare condition that saw his head hand at a 180 degree angle. 

This meant his neck was constantly bent and he was restricted to a sitting position, unable to stand or walk, because of his weak backbone. 

The young boy could only crawl and needed help when eating and going to the toilet. 

His parents, Mukesh Ahirwar, 41 and Sumitra Ahirwar, 36, who work as labourers had to to no avail contacted more than 50 doctors across the country but none had been able to diagnose the boy's condition. 

But thanks to the life-changing surgery completed by a former NHS surgeon, the boy's neck has been straightened, making it possible for him to now eat and drink on his own. 

Dr. Rajagopalan Krishan, from a hospital in Delhi performed the operation after a generous mother-of-two, Julies Jones, from Liverpool, United Kingdom, raised £12,000 through a crowd funding page. 

Mehendra and his family traveled to the Apollo Hospital where Dr. Krishan performed the grueling 10-hour operation.

After two weeks in hospital, the change in Mehendra has been miraculous and he is now finally able to play with his friends and learn to read and write, according to

The excited boy said: "I had to hope of getting better in life but now I'm ok, my dreams have risen up. I want to be successful in life now."

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