Say Bye Bye to Your Doctor/Pharmacy With These Tips


Doctors / Pharmacies play significant roles in our lives, although the pharmacy is a bit more popular, as most people choose to stop for self medication first before taking the now more serious condition to the Doctor..

Now Newsphases is back with a its unchanging belief, you can erase this two personalities out of your life, well not completely, because you still need to go for medical checkups and for health advice from them, but when it comes to spending money to visit them because of an illness or health condition, we can successfully scrap them out of our list..

So We believe that and here is how you can do that

All you have to do is Stay Healthy, Stay Wise

Stay Wise in a way that you are filled with maximum health information about your whole self and your environment, not just filled with it but also updated on it.


You exercise not just because you want six packs, a flat stomach, but because you want to stay healthy, young and strong rather than just exercising from books and web directives, you watch and listen to your body, how it reacts to the exercise, which ones bring out the maximum result (everyone is different, so what works for me may not work for you).


You eat not only because you are hungry and watching your weight, but because you know the nutritional value of what you are eating and the nutrients contained in it, how the food you are eating operates in your body and gives you the required nutrients.

Mental Health

You improve your mental health, because you know it makes you more intelligent, more capable, focused, you will begin to react differently, because your actions are controlled by calculated thoughts and not immediate reactions.

Stay Healthy in a way that your wisdom about your health, your seriousness and personal attachment to complete and utterly healthy body/environment will keep you at a healthy state, making others to emulate you, thereby reducing the chances of transmitting contagious diseases,

Now if you believe in all these and you practice them to the book.. You can tell your doctor to take a vacation.

It wouldn't be easy, doing all these, but me I have said to myself I am going to break that record by being the World Oldest and Healthiest Person..


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