What You Say Affect Your Health Either Good or Bad


The Main Purpose of this Post is to 

Change Your Perceptions of Your Body and Aging

Perception is a selective act of attention and interpretation. What you experience as “reality,” including your physical body and aging, is shaped by your habits of perception. While most people are conditioned to see the body as a static, biological machine, you can begin to view it as a field of energy, transformation, and intelligence that is constantly renewing itself.

Begin to notice both your internal dialogue and how you speak about your body and aging. If you find yourself saying things like, “I’m hitting the age where I’ll need reading glasses,” “I’m too old to try yoga (or some other activity),” “I inherited my dad’s bad back,” or other such statements, make a conscious choice to shift your perspective and what you tell yourself about your body and age.

Keep in mind that your cells are eavesdropping on what you say, so unless you want to have your father’s bad back or anything else that “runs in the family,” don’t nurture that seed of intention in your awareness.

A powerful affirmation you can use is Every day in every way, I am increasing my mental and physical capacity.


Our perception towards food and exercise should be changed, I saw changed because many people just see food as that substance which quenches hunger and fills our stomach, they view exercise as an activity only just because websites say that it is important for keeping fit. we barely even know what keeping fit means or eating healthy is all about.

Food is a compilation of nutrients, in the required amounts in will go a long way to help us physically and psychologically, in the wrong amounts, we either fatten up, or be mentally unstable.

Remember put a personal effort in keeping yourself healthy, fit and ready.

Stay Healthy, Stay Wise.

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