Why You Should Wash Your Hands Before Anything


Sometime ago, I made an article which gave us reasons why we should wash our hands in running water only and not in bowls of water which is very common in many homes.

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Now am going to talk about why we should should wash our hands before anything, although we know the importance of hand washing, which was taught to us while we were growing up, many of us still take it for granted.

We only wash our hands when we decide that we have touched a maximum number of dirty places that makes our hands to need washing.

But it shouldn't be so, for example, I recommend washing your hands, when we you want to eat anything including fruits (like oranges) even when you want to eat snacks, even before we eat the bole (roasted plantain) and also after going to the toilet which many of us take lightly.

The reason for washing our hands before anything ranges from what we can possibly contract when we come in contact with our environment to our contact with people.

Our Contact with Our Environment and Other Surfaces

We come in contact with different surfaces everyday, ranging from our cellphones, office tables, our own body surface and others, although we know that germs may exist in these surface, we don't think they are powerful enough to bring us down, so we don't consider them a threat, well the sooner we begin to accept the fact that they threaten our health, the reduction in stomach pains.

You might not know this but your phone is crawling with bacteria capable of causing infections, (to those who eat and text, or answer phone calls). Scientists also concluded that, often, mobiles phones harbour more germs than toilet seats.

Also, handbags, make up, carpets, pillows, money, kitchen and bathroom taps etc all these are harbouring with germs my dear readers.

Our Contact with People

We all have friends, okay most have us have friends, which we shake, hug, kiss and exchange pleasantries that involve body contact, accept it or not you can't vouch for your friend's hygienic life and obviously you can't vouch for those of customers in where you work, or any other person for that matter, so if we can't vouch for these people, then why do we still use that same hand we used to shake others to eat bole

Maybe we are ignorant of the numerous germs that actually exist.

For example Staphylococcus bacteria which causes skin infections such as boils and more serious infections of the lungs, blood and heart if they get into your body can be found in the nose - from what I have seen, many people pick their noses with their fingers and barely wash after, so you shaking this person is like transferring germs to yourself and allowing it to stay on you if you don't wash. 

We should get used to the habit of being clean and by practicing hygienic habits every time no matter the situation.

Be 100% sure.

Stay Healthy, Stay Wise

I will be releasing another article on how to we should wash our hands, you might be surprised, but truly there is a way we should wash our hands as directed by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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