3 Parts of Your Body You Always Forget to Wash


Good Morning ...

If you are just getting out of bed, that's good, if you are just getting out of the bathroom go back in...

I am going to talk about the 3 parts, locations (you can call it destinations if you like it) that we normally don't bathe...

You might think you are scrubbing and keeping clean, but these places are filled with germs and bacteria which can actually cause you series of unauthorized problems..

Okay remember to remain in the bathroom if you were just leaving there.

Here are the three parts of your body you forget to wash..

Behind Your Ears

Ladies, ladies ladies, and for those of you that are wearing hair that does not belong to you (well you bought it so, it can actually be yours).

But my point is, ladies who normally wear wigs and all sorts of hair extensions, have never touched this area since they always cover their hair during a bath.

As for this guys, many of you barely know that this place exist..

Now take a finger with a long fingernail, place it behind your ear and scrub down, now look at your finger, what do you see,

If you see some black substance on your finger then you need to start being more hygienic.


If you haven't heard the navel is a sweet spot for pleasure, but actually how can you place your lips or hands on someplace filled with germs,

This is so because many guys and maybe girls barely scrub their navel area which tends to accumulate dirt and germs.

If you are one of them who normally forget to scrub your navel area, learn this for a change..

and finally this part of the body which is so visible to everyone and so many of us forget to scrub it, well ladies are vindicated from this one, because their makeup normally cleans this place for them...

Beside the Nostrils

There is the bridge of the nose, and there is the nostrils and then there is beside the nostrils.

Go to your mirror and look beside your nostrils, if you see some whitish stuff, or any thing other than normal then you have to be more hygienic. 

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Stay Healthy, Stay Wise

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  1. Those places are really rarely remembered when taking our bath.

    1. Yes, and they accumulate germs which cause us health problems, remember to share to friends and family...

      Stay Healthy, Stay Wise

  2. thank..dont usually take note of this places

    nobody is even ready to prove you wrong

    1. Well it warms my heart that you have learnt something new and valuable that you will start practicing immediately...

      Remember to subscribe by email for more tips like this...

      Stay Healthy, Stay Wise