9 things you must know before you start your week

Its a new week, seriously I wish resting weekends were more than just Saturdays and Sundays...

Did you just agree with that? If you did then you should seriously memorize this article

You already have plans, how this week will go and what you hope you gain, what you hope to drop and so much more..

But this week should be more promising than the last right? and this is how you are going to do it

By following this simple directive you can get more out of your week 

Okay, Here are 9 things you must know before you start your week

1. You are not going to do everything all over again 

Like seriously, this almost always happens to me, whether it is to break a bad habit or to gain something..

I just flip up and do the same thing all over again for the following week..


For you it might be being stressed out at work, inability to fulfill promises, break bad habits or wasteful spending, whatever it is this week is going to be different from the others because you are going to take a pen and paper and plan your week carefully,

Your spending, and profit, everything, will be in a step by step plan

As for being stressed out at work Read this article below on meditation

What Meditation Can Do for You That You Show Know

This week will be different because you will sit and plan rather than what you did last week.

2. You are going to exercise

Seriously many of us don't know our own strengths, some say they are too lazy to exercise and that may just be the reason why you are easily stressed out..


This week you are going to set an exercise plan, maybe you are doing so for weight control, weight loss, or just to stay fit, the thing is that you are going to stop telling yourself that you are lazy or that you will fall ill due to exercise, but that you will stay strong and carefully collect all the benefits of exercise which are normally yours.

3. You are going to eat healthy

I am sure that last week you cooked one of your favorite meals, you love the taste, the way it takes a little amount of effort to cook, or maybe you just eat because someone else is cooking..

This week you are trying something different, you are going to eat and cook because you know what you are eating contains enough nutrients (proteins, carbohydrates, minerals etc) to give you energy, growth and help you perform your activities adequately..

You are going to eat fish not because it is so tasty, but because it is brain food and help you think better...

So first you are going to get an education on what nutrients certain food stuffs contain and how you can take all those nutrients into yourself for your benefit.

4. You are going to break some bad habits

We can't do everything in a minute and so we can't break all habits at once, so this week you will list, where you will write down all your bad habits (like, chewing nails, late night browsing, sleeping beside your phone, watching late night television nose picking, refusal to exercise etc) starting with the most embarrassing to the least and we are going to take down as many as possible this week and leave the rest for the next week and so on

5.You are going to Inspire People

What is life without you sitting and knowing you are responsible for the progress and knowledge of others

What is life without you seeing people looking at you to inspire them, So this week isn't going to be like last week.

You are going to be more than just an island, or more than just a friend to that friend, you are going to be something more.

6. You are going to achieve all you plan to achieve

Ever felt like you have worked too hard and decide to push it to the next day, well that is not what you are going to do this week..
Things you can do today are better done today than tomorrow to avoid any unexpected distractions

We can't control time/events, so we have to do well with what is in our control, so whatever that is, you can actually finish it today, if you say you want to ..

That is how much power you have, you have a brain to control your body, so if you are feeling tired and say no I can do this today, your brain sends signals to your body and they become alert, but if you succumb then gbam your body just went from tired to completely weak.

So stop giving on and stop pushing it further do it now, because you can.
7. You are going to get more Inspiration/Motivation

Remember I said that you are going to motivate people for this week, well you are also going to motivate yourself to go for your dreams


Because if you don't go for your dreams, people will employ you to work for them to achieve theirs, so if you are getting a little low on the motivation gauge, there is something you can do about that,

Stop thinking about the negativity around, and start focusing on the positive things in you, head for your dreams, using your skills and abilities rather than sitting in an office working for a company which is after its dreams.

8. You are going to get more out of this week / life

Seriously, you can do all that above if you have not planned to get more out of this week, if you have not planned to do so much more.

So you say to yourself that you are going to get more out of this week, more than you have ever done, and simply that's it.

We first need the faith before we can do the work.

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