Dear Readers! Why Do you Exercise Mostly on Saturdays


Yes, many of us do this, you exercise mostly on Saturdays, you only get the strength on this day to move your body to a healthy rhythm, and wait for the coming weekend where ypu return to your unhygienic ways.

Dear Readers! Why do you Exercise mostly on Saturdays?

By now you are wondering what I mean by exercise mostly on Saturdays, well I mean for those of us who attend parties (weddings, birthdays, clubs), when you shake your body to the rhythm of the music..I call that exercising.

When you move your waist, and shake off some calories, when you move your body, making yourself more flexible just to the beat of some tunes.

And during the week you tell me you are too lazy to exercise?

Far from it!

Or are you telling me that you don't dance, you want to tell me that you don't tap your feet on the ground or that you don't follow Olamide's shakiti Bobo or Kiss Daniel's Mama or Calvin Harris' My Way  or even on Sunday's that you don't follow the rhyme of religious tunes, you don't whine, shake, bend, twist your waist effortlessly to the those tunes..

Ah I can see you smiling!

So in the end you are not so lazy to exercise, because exercise is all about keeping fit which includes losing excess calories (which is what dancing does)...

So Dear Reader, why do you exercise mostly on Saturdays, is a jog too hard, is some pull ups or crunches or even skipping or even jumping too hard when you do that every Saturday or even on Sunday.

Remember exercising is for your benefit it keeps you healthy, (Remember that having a flat stomach doesn't mean you are healthy, it might mean that you are underfeeding and even though you are not feeling anything now, some months, years from now will show)..

So you see, it is so easy and so beneficial to exercise, if you are interested in moving to your body to a healthy rhythm, not just because you love the music but because you know the countless benefits can give to you.

I exercise as much as I can, (ranging from weightlifting to some little yoga, meditation and so on)

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Remember Stay Healthy, Stay Wise

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