Do You Know How Healthy You Are Eating?


I am sure most of you just finished breakfast, which may be warmed leftovers from yesterday or freshly cooked food...

Whichever it is... today I am going to be discussing about food, but I am not going to be talking about food in detail.. that is like talking about nutrients and calories and other stuff, but I am going to talk about the process of preparing food...

I mean you cannot be talking about taking enough nutrients when you might just be taking those nutrients with so many germs due to your unhygienic ways..

So what am I talking about here?

I am talking about the way we prepare our food, the things we do, before, during and after cooking, is the food still healthy for eating after cooking it...

For better understanding on this lets get down to some unhygienic things we do while preparing food...

We already know how important it is to wash the hands before cooking, if you don't know this in detail, which many of us don't just follow the articles below

So other than that, here are some things you do in the kitchen which makes this question worth asking

Clean Your Head from sweat

Yes temperatures get high in the kitchen, and you sweat, and then you just decide to do a quick wipe with your hand, and return back to cooking..

I have seen this a lot and it is thoroughly unhygienic, as there are a lot of bacteria on your skin, which you may have just transferred to your fingers and unto your food.

Taking a Break

I believe most of the germs comes from here, when things become too hot in the kitchen or when we decide to give the foodstuffs sometime to boil, we take a break to go watch some tv, or do something else.

Your hands get in contact with surfaces, transferring germs and when you return to the kitchen, you just open the pot and continue with your cooking.

Instead of doing this we should first re-wash our hands to reduce the amount germs we have come in contact with on our break, to help us eat a completely healthy food.

Completely Unhygienic Habits We do once in a while

Sneezing: Sneezing into a corner and continue cooking, seriously, do you know how many germs you just released from your nose and worse you released them into the air and into the kitchen and not very far from what you are cooking.

Nose Picking: I have said severally that this should be cut off from our list of bad habits, but once in a while, it seems to take a hold on us... but it should be completely let off in the kitchen..

Cough: Just like sneezing this should be avoided near the food, when you are cooking meals.

Bathroom Breaks: I might have left this one out, but the fact that most still forget to wash our hands after using the bathroom, still leaves this one hanging as a bad habit we should avoid..

Scratching: Your head, hair or any part of your body near foodstuff or the pot can actually send germs flying into your food, please keep a distance when scratching to keep your meal as healthy as possible.


We should try as much as possible to practice hygienic habits to make sure we are eating nourishing meals and germ packed meals.. As for sneezing, if you are unable to hold it, at least have a towel handy and always wash your hands after that...


Don't go anywhere, I will be sharing an article which talks about the nutrients in food we are eating, and how healthy is it for us, this will help a lot for those who get sick easily, or those who want to reduce belly fat, or for those who want to just do what I do (i.e. eating just to stay fit).

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