Health Benefits of Eating Slowly You Never Knew

Yes, you do know the benefits of eating right, I mean without food we would die right? or get thin to the bones making us inefficient, or get so fat that we become ineffective. 

But here is something else.. 

You are actually not reaping the full benefits i.e allowing your body to completely make use of the food if you chew so fast.. 

If you are one of those who normally say that you barely have time to, that you are in a rush to feed, well it will be of great benefit to you if you eat slowly and gain more in health and wealth rather then eat so fast and gain so less..

Again my post is supported by Research and Scientists, according to a new article in the Journal Obesity shows that mindful eating can help weight loss and also improve glucose levels and heart health.

Now what is mindful eating?


Have you ever licked ice-cream so fast, I believe you haven't, because you take your time to savour its flavours and get the feeling of it. Now, that is mindful licking.

Too often we rush our food, and this does not give us the complete benefits as I said above.

Supporting my view is Carey Peters, co-founder of the San Francisco-based Health Coach Institute who preached the benefit of chewing slowly.

When I first learned about this, I thought it was completely silly," she said. but there's a science behind eating slowly.

She also explained how eating so fast causes you to gain more weight without you even knowing it.

When you eat too quickly, you don't give your brain enough time to fully acknowledge feeling satisfied, or take in the pleasure, she said So if you're biting down your lunch in lets say 3 minutes, you are not realizing that you are satisfied or already full,

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Well, situations can cause us to quick chomp down our food, like getting prepared for school or work. But we eat for our Health and survival..

So next time savour your food, take it in slowly, take sometime time to chomp it down, feel the taste, feel yourself swallow it and enjoy it.

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Stay Healthy, Stay Wise

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