Here are the 5 Reasons Why I Eat Fruits


Fruits are succulent , juicy and very beneficial in so many way. I just love to crunch, suck, lick or just chew their deliciousness into my every inviting mouth and send them down my digestive system to do justice to and release their nutrients into my body.

But wait.. There is more..........

I don't just like to eat fruit because it is juicy, sweet or succulent or just because it is in season, like most of us do, I have many other reasons why I eat fruit and I hope to enlighten you on the benefits of eating fruits (Note: You might have just found the fountain of youth).

Eating fruits is more than just for just because it is sweet or just because a website or your doctor says so, for me it is because I understand the benefits.

Eating food for the juiciness alone and because of doctors and websites, is like eating rice only because you like rice, or because it is a type of food and not because it contains carbohydrates which give energy we require for work..


Have you been eating rice for any other reason than the nutrients it provides?

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So here are the 5 reasons why I eat fruits.

But before we get down to that you must know this:

Consuming too much fruits its actually not good for you health as fruits contain a sugar known as fructose which will have a dire impact on your health (you see the difference between understanding something and just reading and believing).


Okay so here they are:

1. It is how I say Bye Bye and No No to Infections

Yes, I eat fruits just to prevent infection, my body gets a boost of nutrition just from taking fruits, remember the saying

An apple a day keep the doctor away

Well, I don't joke with that, Bacteria is everywhere, and I got to step up my game (immune system). So I don't wait for season to define my intake of fruits, I calculate the nutrients...

They are like a power packed nutritious strongman, with the combination of nutrients such as powerful flavonoids, antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, phytochemicals and the countless micro- and macronutrients which are very advantageous for my health. 

2. Because Natural Vitamin C is the Best

You might have heard of vitamin C and also you might have taken the one in tablet (medicine).. But I prefer the ones that comes from fruits, nature is quite easier to preserve than medicines and not all pharmacies are 100% clean, so give me Vitamin C from a fruit everyday.

3. Fruits can do so much more

It's not just only about fighting infections and being safer than medicines which can be found in the pharmacy, it is also about boosting energy, boosting my immune system and also improve my eyesight, (I take carrots for the eye sight part and if you do you should know this).

4. And Much More

Fruits help me stay healthy by cutting my chances of having heat stroke, high blood pressure (although you have to slow down on intake to make this one possible), cancer, heart diseases and diabetes, while promoting a healthy skin by fighting skin disorders and healthy hair growth..

5. Because Prevention is Better than Treatment

Buying and eating fruits is much more cheaper, than curing a disease and staying in hospital for weeks, there are some things I can prevent like I said above in No. 3 and 4. and I love to save my money. Thank you.

So why do you eat fruits or why will you start eating fruit. 

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Stay Healthy, Stay Wise

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  2. I thought you were going to say it's a natural thing with people answering the same name.


    Well, you make me wanna eat some Water Melon now!

    1. Hahahaha

      Remember to eat it... and remember that too much fruit has a bad side.

      Stay Healthy, Stay Wise