How to Perform Triceps Dips

This exercise targets the accumulated fat in the triceps, the back portion of the arms (which is the area most prone to fat deposition). 

This exercise also tones your arms to give you a sculpted look. 

You can perform this exercise at home with the help of a 2 feet height chair or desk. 

How to Perform

  1. Place the chair or the desk in a stable position.
  2. Stand in front of the chair by keeping at least 3 feet distance.
  3. Turn your back and place your hands on the chair or desk.
  4. The hands should be shoulder width apart.
  5. Move forward with 3 to 4 steps away from the chair or desk.
  6. Straighten your upper body and bend the knees to be in line with the chair or desk height.
  7. Now bend your elbows and lower your body as low as to the ground.
  8. Come back to the normal position.
  9. You can try going with 3 sets of 20 repetitions every day will help you to lose arm fat effectively.

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