I Felt So Stressed Today! Then I did This


Today, was not an easy day for me... there was a lot of stress at work, after picking up myself and making my way home, I had to return home to face a barrage of work..

It was like my day was planning to cause a strain on my mental health.. I was beginning to think differently, think about everything, the stress, the work and I wasn't able to concentrate.

Looking around at the just cleaned house, which has worked some calories (energy) out of me, and then my stressed up self, it was like today wasn't my day.

If you have gone through this you will know what I am talking about, after being stressed out at work, you might come back home to a no food situation and you have to cook, or you might come back to no power (light) situation and you don't have the energy to turn on the generator or the tolerance to bear the noise of the generator.

You might say I should take a pillow and go to sleep and I will wake up better and fine.. or I should just get some food, maybe hunger has been registered in my brain that is why I am feeling this way..

Or maybe that was what you did!

But here is what I did

If you love watching action movies you should know this trick, I saw it and picked it up and found it to be very relaxing... It was from Season 3 of the Movie Arrow.

I sat down on my bed, and crossed my legs, placed my hands on the side of my knees, closed my eyes, and then.....

I inhaled through my nose and out through my mouth, continuously, normally I do this while keeping my mind blank, but if you feel so stressed, you can just concentrate on the positive things that happened that day or any positive thing you can think of..

This is one of the ways I reduce stress and keep myself mentally healthy.

Remember to relax, take a breather, worrying wouldn't take that stress/problems away, but clearing up the emotions will give you a better chance at thinking to how to create a solution to the problem bothering you..


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  1. yes, i learnt a lot bro. i have been planning on starting meditation exercises and i think it's about time

    1. Wow.. that would change a lot about the way you think and react.. In fact Imagine yourself as a new creature...

      If you need any help you can always contact me.. I will be happy to be of help...

      Also you can simply subscribe so that I can share and give you more of the deliciousness of health and fitness.. I would love to see you in the list... I don't want you to miss out..

      Stay Healthy, Stay Wise