Know This One Thing Before You Start Your Personal Business


BYOB (Be Your Own Boss), I heard that saying from a popular blogger. Practically gone are the days when we work tirelessly under someone and hope to be settled with something at the end, also soon to go are the days when we spend years in school only to hope to get a job someday in some form of establishment. Now we are establishing our own empires. We are our own Boss. 
Although, it sounds exciting to be your own Boss, start your own personal business, a clothing line, an artist shop, a hair saloon, an insurance company and a blog, there are some ups and downs involved in starting your own business like there is in everything. 

P.S: although am not yet a well-established business man, rising, but I believe my little experience has taught me this one thing.. 

Which is: 

Personal Businesses Are Not for the Soft at Heart 

I don't mean BYOB are not for those who are physically impaired, or unintelligent, I mean personal business are not for those who are quick to react to losses, those who burst into anger, get a stroke, heart attack, break down completely or commit suicide, when a loss comes knocking on their door. 

I say this because when I started my blog, I was practically without reliable source of network connection, I had to do most things in cyber cafes which ate my money faster than I regained it. I was practically timed whenever I made any adjustment to my blog and sometime when I have 2 minutes left on my ticket and I make a major mistake on the blog without applying backup, I could almost break  down because I knew that there were no available funds to purchase more time.. But hey, am strong at heart and that is why am here now..

Now lets switch to businesses which contain a more psychologically impacting effect... Like when you order for goods from Europe or America, paid for them, and then you heard that your ship or crate got lost in the sea or those who heavily invested in a certain business and later found out it was fraud.
This would make someone go crazy, losing life's worth in just a short time, but great business men are not nurtured that way. Businesses consist of losses and gains and we have the power to influence both of them, and we need a healthy body to do so (a healthy body equals a healthy mind needed to tackle tight situations).
I wouldn't tell you to quit if you are trying to go for your own business, if you have a soft heart. I would tell you to build yourself, think, act and react like a real business man. 

Stay Healthy, Stay Wise

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