The Most Dangerous and Dirtiest Part of Your Body


We all have that specific part of our body which we know oozes during any laborious activity or due to the lack of some TLC..

It may be the armpits (for most people) the reproductive area, the mouth or the feet..

But which of this is the most dangerous and dirtiest... 

Now by dangerous I mean which can easily transfer diseases to us and other people,..

No it isn't your mouth, bad breath isn't communicable, it isn't your feet either..

It's your hands


The human hands are the most dangerous and dirtiest part of the human body and specifically I am referring to your palms and fingers. We frequently touch our face, mouth, eyes and other parts of our body even without realizing it.

They may look so innocent and beautiful and hairless, but alias they may be packed to capacity with germs


Our hands do so many things and many of us barely wash, mainly due to ignorance of where and what we touched

For example

Bathroom Breaks

50 - 90% of Nigerians don't wash after going to the bathroom. You.... yes am talking to you, you might be one of them..

When we go to pee, it is very easy for us to skip washing our hands, especially when we are in the office or maybe we took a quick pee break in the bush or even when there is no water in the toilet...

We do not know in reality the no of germs that are contracted just by visiting the bathroom alone..

The germs we contract from touching the handle of the door to the bathroom,

The germs we contract from touching the cover of the toilet seat,

and so many other activities we do in the bathroom.

All these lead to transfer of tons of germs between people...



Lately I published a post which will make you have a rethink about shaking or sharing anything with someone who normally picks his/her nose.

Missed that article? well take a rewind here: Why You Should Wash Your Hand Before Anything

Our hands are the tools and equipments given the official task of picking of our nose, this hand remains unwashed in most of us and then we use the same hands to mount on food and throw a spoonful of nutrients and germs down our digestive system.

Others like touching surfaces, scratching armpits and even touching other people which we do most of times and later this hand ends up touching our own face or any part of our body, thereby transferring tons of germs to ourselves. 

Note: Germs get into our bodies and cause diseases through openings such as Mouth, Nose, Cuts etc

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We should more than just cultivate good habits, we should understand the purpose why we are cultivating these habits.

The easiest was to Stay Healthy, is to Stay Wise

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