What I Do Every Morning and Why I do It


I woke up this morning...checked the time.... looked at my face in the mirror and my eyes to know what up with those high class camera... I exercised ... did all necessary home cleaning.. brushed my teeth... had my bath...

Ate some proteins as breakfast, wore my clothes and straight to work...

Lets Break Down Why I do all these things, because the reason you do the things you do is what makes you different and almost perfect..

Checked the time..

Sleeping for long is not something I fancy, but really, sleeping too long will cause eating disorders, as you will be likely to eat more, due to such sleep methods, for me who check how fit I am most times.. I don't need any extra weight or lose my flexibility due to accumulation of fat.

Look at my face in the Mirror. and My Eyes

I heard its apollo season, (Conjunctivitis or Pink Eye) and I am feeling a bit of pain at my eyelashes so it's just to check whatsup... same goes for checking my eyes and also I check my eyes to see if they are red or white.. Red means I seriously didn't sleep well.

I Exercised...

I already have the six packs and muscles, so I exercise to keep fit, to keep my muscles flexible and not just muscly and hardly movable, exercise helps to keep me alert, sharper and that is what I want...

Also exercises make you better at sex, there are some sex positions you will never dare if you are too lazy to exercise .....and here a secret..... those positions are a bomb.

Home Cleaning..

A dirty home, does not defines me, the billions of germs that live in an unkempt home can kill you, cause you stomach problems as they are transferred from our hands into our body and also keeping your home clean is also a show of kindness to your neighbours..


If yo have a dirty home filled with rats and cockroaches, one day they will migrate to your neighbour's house and cause him problems.

Brushed my Teeth

I brush my teeth for many reasons and not just to keep a clean mouth to prevent mouth odour, but to keep a clean mouth free from bacteria which causes mouth odour, tooth decay, tooth sensitivity and other series of oral problems which may lead to other forms of bodily harm..

Have my Bath

I bathe to keep myself clean like most of us do... I also bathe to reduce the amount of bacteria on my skin and its this bacteria that cause body odour and not sweat itself...

Ate Proteins for Breakfast

I don't believe in skipping breakfast, although I have done it, to escape debiting my salary due to lateness.

Proteins are known as body building foods and that is what you need to start your day, energy and a built mind and body.. So instead of going on an empty stomach, build your body for the day and you will live longer, healthier and as handsome as I look..

Wore My Clothes..

Because I can't walk naked to work... lol

Went to Work

Every man needs some sort of occupation to start up with before he moves up to his dreams.. and I am no different..

So what do you do every morning and why do you do them?..


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