What do you do after you touch and smell your feet

How to get rid of smelling feet, is something you might have searched for on google, when it might just be that you have poor feet hygiene and also your footwear is also involved.

But I are not going to talk about that,

I will talk about what you do immediately after you rub your toes,

Many of us do this...

We rub in between the feet with our fingers, and clean the black stuff on the toes and bring it up to our nose,

"Phew! it smells" you say

You rub your hands on the chair or on the wall or whichever surface is closet to you and then you sit back and continue with what you were doing before you attention shifted to your feet.

Wow... very unhygienic...

I am so interested in why your feet is smelling as I am in your unhygienic habits...

Remember that being hygienic does not only save you cash but keeps you one step ahead in case of a disease outbreak.

For example


Remember that some people recovered from Ebola while thousands didn't, being hygienic prepares you for times like this, as it steps up your immune system, so you are less likely to fall victim of an disease.. If you have read the article on Health and intelligence you will perfectly understand this point.. 
In fact you can read the article right her Did You Know: Caring About Your Health Makes You More Intelligent
So remember to wash your hands in running water only

Here is Why: Why You Should Wash Your Hands Only In Running Water

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Stay Healthy, Stay Wise

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