How Garri Almost Cost Me My Life

My  name is Paul Samuel.... I am a health blogger and..............

You are about to get exposed

It was quite a busy day for me, been through a lot of work I forgot that food was of such vital importance. It was highly unlike me to deny myself of such a delicious substance, when I perfectly know the importance of eating adequately and not skipping meals.. .

Well, I got home and I remember that I didn't prepare anything before leaving the house in the morning, you can just imagine the way my mood changed.

hunger was already baptizing me with water from the biblical River Jordan 

and I am mean to wait for more than 20 minutes to get a good meal.. 

You might wonder why didn't I just go for indomie or bread to hold my stomach first, but I want you to remember that a hungry man is an angry man and an angry man can't think straight (lol).. 


So I got the food cooking and I decided to snack on something (finally I am thinking straight).. I wanted to go out but I knew that I might faint before I get to those stores too far from my house. So I looked around the kitchen and decided......

I should throw 3 handfuls of garri

into my stomach to sustain me to go down the road to get something to eat..

After eating the garri and water to step down, I put on a shirt and placed my hand on the door handle and then gbam... 


I felt the room spin, my stomach grumbled and roared, then a voice out of nowhere asked "What is that" 

I looked around for the person who said such then I realized it was my own voice (and I knew that this one is gbege)..

But it wasn't hunger anymore,  I felt a mind shattering pain run through my stomach, I took a step and ohh it was serious.. I rushed to get water and drank like a fish, (maybe the garri refused to settle in its new habitat) but no, the pain grew worse ..

Hunger is forgotten, (this pain is strong, I say this pain is strong).. Now I didn't fall on the bed and start whining if that what you are imagining.. I took a seat and sat down and wait to see if the pain will go down. 

But oh boy, it was getting worse, somehow I still remembered that food was on fire, and I decided that maybe eating something could help.. I opened the pot and checked to make sure the food has been properly cooked, then I served hurriedly, did the cross sign over the food and over myself, then sccoped the food into my mouth and down my oesophagus.. 

Many food chewing and water drinking moments later, I was feeling better, although the pain was there, but it had subsided.. and I sat up (Remember not lie down after eating a meal)... 

Some minutes later, I was could be considered fully recovered and ready to discharge...

So that is my experience and what I want to share with my readers and the world... 

What I Learned............

  1.  Be careful what you eat on an empty stomach
  2.  Always snack on something before going to cook and
  3.  Snack on the right thing.. avoid raw foods e.g garri, indomie (should be cooked and not eaten raw etc
  4.  Never keep yourself so hungry, even if it is because of work, school or whatever

Stay Healthy, Stay Wise.

You have just been exposed

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