How Mark Zuckerberg Inspired Me to Jog Every Morning


I have been taking my exercise seriously, although there are a few times when I just refused to exercise and sat down till the feeling went away.. 

But I have been following one of the most successful men lately and he sincerely surprised me.. 

You must have heard that for you to stay healthy you need money, to eat good food and take care of the stress of your life which are the things that cut your life short, after hearing all these, still there are some rich men who don't get to live long at all.

So then it is not money, because to live long and live a healthy life you need to keep to health directives, which includes eating healthy, exercising (which includes meditation exercises to relieve stress), avoiding unhealthy habits and so much more.. 

So here is a gloriously rich billionaire, jogging every morning to stay healthy, a man who has less worries, he owns a house, and does not have to worry about rent, he can easily pay his bills, can sit at home for a whole week and still not worry about finance..

A man who has it all, then what about me, who gets stressed up by all the issues around me and trying to make ends meet, don't I need exercise too? to clear my mind? make my body strong, so I may not fall tired easily, so that I may work efficiently? so that I may think clearly and achieve what I aim to achieve!

So I now wake up around 5am or around 6am (when I am feeling lazy, lol) and take a jog round the neigbourhood and I get a jolt of energy and agility to make the most out of my day... everyday...

Sincerely speaking, exercise offers us so many delicious health benefits and only those who consistently exercise can agree with me.. 

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Remember, Stay Healthy, Stay Wise

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