How Meditation Saved Me During Recession


What a year.!!!

The economic degradation had us all running for air, prices keep rising, the scarcity of things and many others.

For me, it was really challenging, I had a lot of plans and backup plans and when the recession struck, it struck at one of my weak points.. Oh my you needed to see my reaction..

I was easily stressed, frustrated with things of sort, It is like I didn't plan, I detested sleep, 
"I should be working and putting things in place rather than sleeping" I said

I remember walking down to a store to purchase something which I had bought before like two week ago and when I gave them the money, they said that the price had doubled, I just laughed (the first time I laughed in weeks) and paid... It was not so sweet paying so much for what I budgeted so less...

The recession dealt with my budget, I was spending so much in so short a time... I even stopped laughing at jokes, Mark Angel Comedy, Akpororo's Jokes, even Ay and Gordons could not make me smile... The stress was so much. I placed my mind on negativity around me, and the stress which I felt at regular intervals..

I was getting fed up, after calculating my spending and my collapsing budget, I was ready to march to Aso rock and give My President a piece of my mind...

But then I said to myself, this is not me, because surely I have been through worse, I have stumbled so many times and rose higher....

So I said down, in my usual meditative pose (If you don't know this pose and you are interested in it.. Just subscribe below and I will send it to your mail inbox immediately)... 

I followed my breathing techniques and I did the one thing I failed to do during this recession... I concentrated on the positive things around me... The things I still had and the things I could gain... and how recession has taught me how to budget in the hardest times.. I placed my mind on what I had right now and what can do with it.. I no longer thought of what if I had this money... No... I thought of I have this money and this is what I will do with it

I felt relieved and able to think better, I wasn't frustrated anymore, I could even see a better path because my brain was refreshed, because meditation helped clear the tight knots around my head, it helped think better, rather than just think according to my situation, but think according to who I am...

This is how meditation saved me during this recession and I went ahead to follow 3 health rules which I believe everyone will need to keep healthy during recession. Because like it or not if you are not healthy enough, you can't work well enough, or think well enough, and that is a big blow..
Remember health is wealth and it is not just about eating well and exercising, it is also about your psychological, mental, emotional state of being.. 

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