Why I Can't Do Without This in My Food


Hello, my name is Paul Samuel and.....

You are about to get exposed

I am so sorry if the chicken and salad is making your mouth drip with saliva, it was not my intention (lol).

Without this class of food present in every meal I take I feel incomplete, 

it is like an addiction to me, well you can blame me for being addicted to good things. can you?

This class of food performs so many critical roles in my body and it is so vital that I take it in the right amount so that I may keep enjoying the delicious benefits of good health. Just because of this class of food my body is able to regulate well and I am feeling 100 percent active.

You may not know this and you may not know what you are actually eating, because you know it is food, your brain tells you that it is food, your eyes see that it is food, and your nostrils can't lie, they smell the food.. but you should know more than that and that is the reason why some people live long and look healthier than others.

This class of food is known as the body building food.... Proteins 


There they are, eggs, meat, fish, bread, milk, crayfish etc....

Yes, proteins, we may not know it but these large complex molecules are vital in our body, talk about muscle building, building your immune system and keeping your stomach full, it does all that.

Proteins do a lot for me, which I want them to do for you also.. and...

that is why I am going to share a lot of examples 

of benefits of protein (some which we already know) so that we can't miss these benefits..

Delicious Benefits I Gain From Proteins

  • Proteins help protect my body from attacks from viruses and bacteria which keeps me working healthy and efficiently (no wonder I barely fall sick).. 
  • Proteins helps me lose weight by lessening my hunger (am sure you might be interested in this one and this is one of the rules I follow during recession... ) 
  • Proteins, meditation, and reading is no. 1 secret for a sharper mind and brain which helps my academics and daily living by improving my brain function and learning
  • Because of proteins I am looking younger and cuter than ever, as they slow down aging and improves longevity. 
  • Proteins keep my heart at its best.. 
  • Belly fat (what you call pot belly) is not problem for me because of my proteins..
  • If you do exercise, then expect your strength to hit its peak when you start taking your proteins (I even dare you to challenge Superman or the Hulk... may God be with you)
  • Proteins help me sleep better, it is not easy getting a good night sleep in hot environment, but proteins have been able to improve on that for me..Scientists believe this is because proteins may optimize chemical transmitter balance, making us sleepy and restful at night, but wakeful and energized during the day.
Remember, taking in the right amount is very important, simply take your body weight and multiply that number by .5. The result is the amount in grams of protein you should ideally aim to eat each day.. But if you still can't measure this or don't have a measurement tool..

I suggest you eat till you are full and make sure you get one...

Protein Foods I Take

Fish, Beans, Chicken, eggs, groundnut, millet, vegetables, milk, bread etc..

and so much more, you can get all these delicious benefits simply by taking your proteins in a matured and disciplined way.... 

Stay Healthy, Stay Wise...

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You have just been exposed

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