5 Signs You Are Heading For A Miserable Old age

Getting old and seeing your children and grandchildren running about playing, living a happy healthy life is something we all look forward to. But the question still stands, will you spend your oldage in the hospital bed? or being barely able to eat and walk? or as fit and healthy as Queen Elizabeth herself?.

You may not really want to get old (who doesn't love looking life a youth), but we must definitely experience oldage and that is why we need to prepare at this moment. Your healthy  living right now will determine how well you will live. If you will be falling sick every minute or if you will be as fit as a fiddle when you are in your 40s and above.

So, if you don't how well you are prepared for getting old the healthy way, here are 5 signs you are heading for a miserable old age.

1. You are chasing  after money 

Ever heard of the that "if you spend your health to gain wealth, you will spend your wealth to regain health". Acquiring and spending money is necessary for daily living, but if you are chasing after money at the expense of your health, then you may not live long enough to even enjoy that money. 

You can take a look at Michael Jackson, The King of Pop chased after fame and money at the expense of his health and when he got his wealth he didn't even live up to 60. Now take a look at Joan Rivers, a comedian in the Entertainment Industry she lived up to 80, and she wasn't as rich and high flying as Michael, but she had enough and lived a healthy life. 

You can also take a look at your grandparents and tell me what you think. Neglecting your health and health information to chase after wealth makes your body system to break down and act below average, which makes you get older more quickly. 

As your body system breaks down, it becomes more easy for  your to fall sick, even to the most common, and then to the most rare and the most dangerous of sickness.. All these leads to a miserable old age..

2. You are Inactive 

If at this time you are getting more sleep then you are working your body, then you have high levels of inactivity. Inactive and less fit people have been shown to have a higher risk of developing high blood pressure, increase in risks of certain cancers e.g breast, colon etc, anxiety and depression, increases in the risk of diabetes and obesity.

Now all those diseases over there may sound as if there is no happy place in the world, but it has been staring at you in the eye all along. Rather than waking up and just moving on with your daily activities, try and do some exercises, rather than sleeping all afternoon, take two or three hours nap and then wake up to read a book, get a hobby and keep  your blood pumping. 

Inactivity increases with age, meaning what you are doing now will become much more frequent who you get older and make the  risks more higher for you. Women are also shown live inactivity lifestyle more than men and I can totally  agree with this.

Japan is known to have a high population of old happy people and this is because of Active lifestyles, Good Diets, Supportive Family Structure. 

3.  You Still Drink A Lot of Coke, Fanta, Sprite and other sugary beverages

Men already know to avoid coke due to its high sugar content that reduces their bed performance. Although I already have an ebook on that "My Big Secrets to Lasting Longer in Bed" You can subscribe in any of the boxes below to get the ebook.

Now, I am not saying that sugar is all bad, because you need glucose to fuel your brain, but I am saying too much is too bad... 

Too much sugar is linked to so many things including heart disease, premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, and prostrate  cancer and diabetes. Now you might be living without these diseases but as you get older and more sugar accumulates in your system, these diseases will become pronounced and possibly make your life a living hell. 

4. You don't exercise 

Yes, I know you have heard it so many times that you need to exercise to stay healthy, and I know you are still making excuses everyday not to exercise

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You are heading for a miserable old-age if..

(i) You don't do your morning exercises.

Although many people leave very poor lifestyles which do not create space for them even caring for their health, you can turn that around in your life by starting with morning exercises. If you really want to exercise then you will do it. It is all about telling your mind you want to do it.

(ii) You Can't Bend Down Easily 

If you can't bend down easily, it means your joints are not flexible. This is something we seem in many old people, with their backs slightly bent and slow movements, if you are already having the symptoms when you are just below 40, then you are definitely heading to an aching old age.

(iii) You have belly fat.

Belly fat is a result of lack of exercise and too much of starchy foods, but you should concentrate on the exercise part. Belly fat tends to wind down attraction for most ladies, as makes them look unfit and less stunning and if you care less about how you look, then you care less about how you live and how you will end up.

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5. You  don't know the nutrients you are consuming 

Nutrients are what you require from food for your energy, welfare, growth and other activities and not even the aroma or the fact that it is your favorite or not. Sadly, most people eat foods either because they  are used to it or because it is appealing in their eyes. 

Learn to eat based on proteins, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins and not because it is 
meat, chicken, eba, or soup etc

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