9 Ways to Make Yourself More Intelligent

Everyone is intelligent, or let me say everyone believes they are intelligent. Well, if your mind just went to the low grades you are getting or got back at school, and you are thinking otherwise, this article is meant to improve on that.

With this article you are going to boost your intelligence by just following some simple steps and you may ask.

"Does that mean better grades and bigger ideas for me"? 

I say of course it does. 

Here are  ways to make yourself more intelligent

1. Stop Using the Calculator

When man introduce the calculator, I believe he meant to make calculations more easier and not make our brains duller, but that is what it just did. With our mobile phones aided with calculators, I am just tempted to ask 

"when was the last time you solved this kind of maths below without using a calculator"?

Using of calculators make our brains dependent on it to make calculations and this makes it harder for you to solve complex problems because your brain has been programmed to depend on an outside source.

2. Do Things Yourself

I believe this boss mentality came from our African parents, who could have something so close to them and always ask their children to get it for them. In this case if you have a problem, rather than asking for assistance immediately, do it yourself for the next five minutes.

Rather than asking people to help you solve issues, try doing it yourself, by making research on your own, studying the process and applying it to yourself, as you go through it you can request for assistance later on. 

This puts your brain to work and helps you explore new grounds. 

3. Avoid Overstimulating the Brain 

Remember, washing the plates and just a second later your best show came on the television and you have to sneak a peek at the tv and run back to wash the plates again and do this continuously till you get caught. 

Also, remember reading a book or performing a task and then you have to stop to take a look at something be it the tv or a message on social media or to go listen (aproko) to what is happening outside. 

All these are cause over stimulation of the brain and leads to less productivity. Instead, concentrate on what you are doing, be focused and desire to bring out the best in it. 

4. Play Games

Someone say Amen brother!

Finally, a good reason to play more games. Well strategic games help you learn more and puts your brain to more work. When I say games I refer to video games and even other games like chess (the hardest game I ever played with a computer), scrabble, whot, snooker and any other game that involves you working out your brain to beat the opponent, but remember it is just a game. 

5. Read and Watch the News

Keep your brain active by taking new information everyday. Reading and watching news helps you learn new words everyday and keeps your brain updated on the current situation, all these keeps your brain active and learning everyday. 

Take aside one hour to watch channels news at 8 or News at Ten. You can try CNN and newspapers like The Sun, Vanguard, Daily Trust, ThisDay etc

6. Eat Well

Start eating health consious or natural foods today, slow down on the processed foods which do more harm than good. You might say they are not your favorite, but you have to outgrow that and choose what is best for your health than what you think you love to taste. 

Fish is known to improve mental performance, including other foods like meat, fresh fruits and grains.

7. Drink Water

I mean drink enough water. gulp! gulp!! gulp it down. 

Water helps keep your brain and body hydrated and walking, more reason you can't think clearly when you are thirsty. 

The amount of water you drink daily should be based on your weight and the amount of activity you go through daily. Although, the overall estimated glasses of water you should consume daily is about 8-ounce glasses of water (8 glasses of water a day). That is about 2 litres of water a day.

Here is what Webmd has to say 

In general, you should try to drink between half an ounce and an ounce of water for each pound you weigh, every day.” For example, if you weigh 150 pounds, that would be 75 to 150 ounces of water a day. (9 - 18 glasses of water a day)

8. Get More Sleep 

I am not going to go much into this one. If you want to know how getting more sleep can make you more intelligent.. 

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