3 Exercises My Girlfriend Does Every Morning

Like I would normally say, looking good is good business and I once dated a lady who did not play with how good her body looks. 

Officially, she is my ex. She wasn't just health conscious just because she was trying to keep fit and live longer, but because she wanted to look good and remain like that for the rest of her life. Who could blame her, everyone likes good things. 

Although the case might be different for most Nigerian ladies who don't find any joy in exercising. While the ones that actually do exercise don't even know the right exercises they need to work their body and make it look good.

If you want to start exercising, don't start with anything you know, exercises have different functions (i.e they work different parts of the body). 

You can chat with me by mail to get the right type of exercises that will work your body. 

Today, I am sharing the 3 exercises she does every morning, these exercises work all her body parts and I will also share why and how she does them. 

There are no extreme exercises here. no exercises that will make you muscular, only exercise that will make you look good and fit. I have not yet asked for permission to use her pics on this post, but once I get that permission, I will update this post with the pics.

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1. Stretching

This is normally the first she goes with in the morning. 

Why she does it

The stretching exercise is very great when it comes to building flexibility and preventing sprains, strains and other joint and muscle injuries. I recommended this exercise in my Get Rid of Belly Fat Ebook because it a great way to keep your body alive. 

It will make it easier for you to get up from bed in the morning to exercise (no matter how lazy you are) or do any other activity. It works your waists, arms, shoulders and upper body.

How to do the stretching exercise

Stand up straight with your feet placed as wide apart as possible, your hands hanging by your sides. Now bend your upper body forward a little and move your right hand down and touch the side of your right feet, allow your body to bend accordingly and raise your left hand to the ceiling while doing this. Immediately move the left hand down and to touch the side of your left feet and raise your right hand to the ceiling (this is one cycle).

Go with 20 - 30 cycles every morning 

2. Jumping Jacks

Next, she goes for jumping jacks and it is such a privilege to see her jumping up and down (If you know what I mean). 

Why she does it.

Jumping jacks are aerobic exercises which helps you burn fat (More reason why she was flat around the middle and maintained her weight no matter how much she eats). 

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The exercise builds your agility and flexibility. It wakes your body up, making harder for you to get tired and stressed out.

How to do Jumping Jack

3. Squats 

I was a little confused with why she went for squats, I knew that the exercise works your leg muscles, stomach muscles and even your waist, but I knew that those body parts were already well carved with jogging and plank. 

After a few months of going through her squats I noticed her backside got bigger and rounder and of my, you know the rest.

Why she does it 

Squats are great for many things, they work your stomach muscles, leg muscles, your waist and even your entire body if you go for the different variations. 

One more thing, they give you a great looking backside.

Remember, it is not just about doing exercises that will give you a good looking body that will reflect in your mirror, or make you flexible, stronger (not muscular), and long life. You need to understand the type of exercises you are doing, the body parts they work on and the results you will possibly get. 

Which is why most people get a trainer, (I was her fitness instructor, although she later got her own style of staying fit). But there might be no need for you to get a trainer, because my blog is always here for all my subscribers. Subscribe Here

You deserve to look good, why not plan your workout and start today. You don't need to go to the gym at all, you can do it all from home. If you want to live long (the healthy way), look good and stay that way, you have to think like the way good looking people do. 


Stay Healthy, Stay Wise.

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  1. I normally go wit walking everyday and sit ups in the morning.

    Is that nt enuf?

    1. Paul Samuel FitnessDoctor12 June 2017 at 12:36

      To look good you need more than your early morning walk. Although the kind of exercises you will do will depend on you.

      Stay Healthy, Stay Wise