3 Fruits That Will Change Your Life Forever

3 Fruits That Will Change Your Life Forever (because they changed mine)...

I am sure you have heard about the great benefits of fruits mostly about how they can prolong your life, flush off toxins for your body  and improve your immune system. 

One of the fruits even has the privilege of getting it's own quote. 

An apple a day, keeps the doctor away.

Now, that is just great and that is the reason why most people take a fruit each day (or once a month for most Nigerians)..

But, I am here to lay something completely different on the table. 3 fruits that can change your life and I don't mean by the health benefits you already know.

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I always advice that you have a personal knowledge of what you are doing, eating or exercising. Good looking people all know that, they don't do things just because they read it on the net, but because they know how it works.

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Here are the 3 fruits that can change your life.

1. Banana

This fruit which is also classified as a herb and a berry has a great benefit attached to it.

Drop all sex enhancing drugs you normally use for stamina and strength and for for a bite of banana instead. The fruit is impregnated with sugars and carbohydrate which are great for stamina and strength during sex.

If you don't know already your body requires glucose for energy and glucose is a molecule of sugar which you can find in Banana.  Remember watching some athletes take a bite
out of a banana during a game, it is because of that energy.

One more thing, if you have problem maintaining a strong hard erection, just take a bite out of a banana too. It's  ability to regulate the flow of blood around your body will give you a harder and long lasting erection.

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2. Pawpaw

I stumbled upon one of the great benefits of pawpaw some years ago when I was searching for a face cleansing solution. The pimples on my face at that time had gotten my nicknames like "pimples factory". It was the most self esteem crushing periods of my life.

After stumbling on the formula, I was ready to try it. I was ready to look good. I got everything ready and began my experiment for a good looking face. After trying it every night for a week (plus other healthy lifestyle habits). I noticed my face was smother and cleaner.

So what I am talking about 

Pawpaw has a great skin lightening ability. An enzyme present in the fruit called papain provides all these benefits including repair of ageing skin, exfoliating dead skin etc.

If you are interested in making your face look good without spending so much on creams and other cosmetics, simply make use of pawpaw.

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3. Cucumber

Although this fruit has gotten a kind of a name in Nigeria, it is a great supplement when it comes to helping you achieve and maintain your goal to lose weight.

So how does it work 

Cucumber is very low in calories (which are responsible for weight gain or loss). Even if you take a large one at a go, you wouldn't have problems with your weight and best of all you would be full (i.e you wouldn't get hungry easily).

This is one of the reasons I recommend this fruit in my "Get Rid of Belly Fat Ebook". Because it is not only great at making you look good. It also contains vitamins like Vitamin C and  K which are important for the welfare of your body. 

So there you have it.

Banana can make a man a horse in bed, Pawpaw can completely change the way your
face reflects in the mirror, and cucumber can make you look good. 

What other fruits do you think can turn someones life around??

Stay Healthy, Stay Wise 

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  1. I have heard a lot about cucumber and weight loss..

    Although I don't know much about pawpaw

    1. Hey Linda...

      Pawpaw is actually great when it comes to smoothening your face and clearing pimples..

      I have a post coming up on how to apply your pawpaw on your face, which will help smoothen it perfectly..

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      Stay Healthy, Stay Wise