3 Tips That Will Make You A Machine In Bed

"You were such a horse" 

These words are what every man yearns to hear from a woman after going through the deed. Being able to control the sweet sensation not only boosts your ego, but makes the experience more intense.

So how do I drop tramadol, weed and other stimulants and go all natural?

Don't worry it is easier than it sounds. 

You might find a guide for this in every health website out there, but the truth is that no one would truly give this kind of information or just place it on the internet for everyone to see for free. No they wouldn't.

But here I am, giving it all up. 

When I was ready to control me bedroom, I went into heavy research for tips on how to become a machine in bed. I read almost everything that you could find on the net. From assumptions to facts and to simple common sense revelations. 

Today, I remember it like it was yesterday, How I moved from a 5 minute man to a whenever I want to ejaculate man with no drugs, no stimulants, no condoms. (FYI condoms make you last longer).

I remember these words "Great sex keeps a girl tied to you" and I still agree till today that it is definitely true. 

I am sharing these tips #speakingfromexperience which will not only make you a machine in bed, but also give you and  her more pleasure (who doesn't want more pleasure?).

You might even be shocked that it is not all you thought it was, that the articles you find on those websites were just written by writers who have not been through it.

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