2 Exercises You Must Do To Succeed In Life

Like seriously?

There are some exercises I would try out and gbam 30 billion for my account. Well, that depends on what your definition of success is. 

Exercises are very important and I FitnessDoctor wants you to know that exercises do much more than make you live longer and younger. They are also involved in whether you will move further in life or not. Mark Zuckerberg knows this and that is why he jogs 365 miles every year.

So here are the 2 exercises you must do to succeed in life 

1. Meditation 

If you don’t have the ability to meditate then there is a slim chance you will ever hit it big. You might be wondering how those big thinkers got their ideas and then claim it is luck when you can’t just put a finger on it, but one thing I know is that meditation helps bring the best ideas and make the best decisions. 


Meditation helps a lot when it comes to controlling stress, frustration and helping you relax. The exercise also helps you get focused and stay that way which is essential for being productive. 

Meditation not only helps you get control of your emotions, but allows you to use those emotions to be more productive rather than venting your frustration on anybody available. 

To be successful you need to get great ideas and make the best decisions, meditation helps you achieve both clearing your mind, and relaxing your nerves and helping you get focused. 
You might not know, that when you are trying to make a decision, your emotions are also involved and always push you to do certain things that might lead to problems or success, like a man who is confused of breaking up with a unrepentant cheating partner just became his emotions are entangled to her. 

Meditation helps bring your emotions under control and gives you a clearer mind for you to make the best decisions and plans for the future. 

2. Breathing Techniques 

Sometimes people wonder how I am so controlled when I am angry. You can hear the anger in my voice and see it in my eyes, but my actions are still calm and coordinated. 


Breathing techniques; this exercise helps you control every strong emotion in your body. Some people get over excited or too angry and make mistakes and end up regretting them, don’t worry I FitnessDoctor was once same person till I started using the breathing techniques.

Having control over your emotions especially anger can go a long way in determining where you will end up. Because this control will help you become more coordinated and you will always focus on what is right rather than what you are feeling at the moment. 

For you to be a great leader, you need to be one step ahead of the followers and also be able to take the heat of the game. These exercises help you take the heat and also make better decisions and bring out better ideas especially in a country like Nigeria. 

Stay Healthy, Stay Wise

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